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Misspurrrrrect's Karma

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10/2/2015Eat a bag of dicks you cunt-faced bitch
8/27/2015Nice seeing you back around GLP! Hoping all is well your way! TrustNoOneKS
2/19/2013For contributing to the Sovereign Citizens thread, Thank you .. Zuzu
2/13/2013Funny ass hole comment lol+1sleepwalker
2/13/2013Good karma for you! Continue to fight the good fight! -The Sonic Dreamer
2/13/2013You are a miserable human being.
2/13/2013Calls GLP people smart asses, wise asses, and idiots
2/13/2013You're batshit crazy and very likely need to be on medication.
1/23/2013Miss Kitty you get a meow from me
1/21/2013Welcome patriot ar15-nut
12/6/2012Blind indeed, THANK YOU---WHIT3 RABBIT
11/6/2012You aren't a "realist" for accepting "chemtrail" nonsense as truth, you're a chemtard!
9/23/2012Nice slap on an Obama worshippeer!
9/20/2012For being a fucking idiot. You're a joke. Leave the forum.
9/17/2012Good comment. greetings strictlyhonest
9/3/2012Ron Paul WON the GOP Nomination!!!!
8/20/2012Excellent commentary WhiteLight agrees!
8/8/2012I like your style, Miss Kitty. Give em hell. Added you as a buddy. -revbo
8/2/2012Dumb Cunt
7/26/2012Earth goes through changes like this
5/8/2012Thanks for contributing to the coffin thread. -rev
4/29/2012You need some Good Karma dont u- Lol - DZ
4/22/2012You know what is up. Amy A
2/9/2012Meow retard.
1/23/2012Rp Not!!! Txg4t
1/23/2012Txgal is a dumbass
1/13/2012And YOU are a fucking idiot on that 6 year old thread - she was being searched, not fucking groped.
1/3/2012Don't have kids, lol!!!
1/1/2012This is so you can break even
12/2/2011Paid Ron Paul shill
9/11/2011For pointlessly calling out other posters... being a shit stirrer
8/17/2011One of my fave GLPers! Thanks for the stock tip, even though I didn't buy yet, lol :)
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