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Horace bubba's Karma

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4/22/2013Horace sighting
8/29/2012I keep a loaded blunderbuss
7/17/2012Hi dick head
7/17/2012Green... Peace....
4/11/2012What an idiot
3/22/20121 dragunov_1977
1/5/2012Smart aleck comments that are unforgivable.
1/5/2012New Years Karma
1/3/2012Ignorant & arrogant
12/28/2011"When I was six, I spent a night shining a 5 million candle power flashlight in random houses."
12/22/2011Meh ..
12/22/2011You're on my buddy list now. God bless you. - Dease
12/20/2011MERRY CHRISTMAS !!! Karma stocking stuffer! Thug Cat.
12/20/2011If only I could erase the negative one I gave you... I would.
12/17/2011I said no bashers, u asked for bad karma sorry
12/13/2011Just cause. -- Borian
12/12/2011GreenK....'cause I can - Acts Of Thomas
12/12/2011SHUT UP HIPPIE. Zero Point
12/12/2011Thanks for the help! God bless! - Dease
12/12/2011Go look
12/8/2011Poor empty soul.
12/6/2011Because I can give 1 Karma away.
12/4/2011Thanks for posting to the country music thread...CowgirlK
12/1/2011Annoy me !!! (doom in your waffles)
12/1/2011Love- Blue
12/1/2011Elbow bump. -- Borian
11/24/2011Slokjsgbdkjsgdkd: Funny as fuck! ZP
11/22/2011Ba dum chi
11/20/2011Happy birthday karma....indiandave
11/20/2011Happy Bday!
11/19/2011For tim & eric smiley!!!! -fleshette
11/15/2011Gays not welcome.
11/15/2011Ha good luck finding some monkeys
11/12/2011Rude, and cheap
11/12/2011No one thinks of that lol. - Lime flavoured
11/12/2011God Loves You, And I Do Too! - Lisa :)
11/12/2011Ferrets rule!
11/10/2011Ferret rule
11/10/2011Love the bible fight smillie!!!! Da Purple Chicken
11/9/2011Endless supply of things to bitch about
11/8/2011Lolz, got me there. gn
11/7/2011Fuck yeah we do!
11/4/2011If your gonna be dumb youd better be tough,LMFAO,TY 4 the song to go with my pic. Jbomb
11/2/2011Cream of mushroom soup! - Too Dark Park
10/28/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/25/2011Arguin on the internet is like runnign the special olympics, ..thanks for giving me a laugh even tho it was at my own expense (amanapple)
10/25/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/19/2011Thanks for posting on my thread.. My2centsworth
10/9/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/9/2011Faggot for posting about tiny dicks how sick you mother fucker
10/9/2011For the english version of Cleopatra Stratan -- Borian
10/8/2011For being an ass
10/8/2011All hail the Great Napkin. (heretic)
10/2/2011Tiny dick alert!
10/2/2011Lol :P From Reikara.
10/2/2011LOL wat?****Butterfly Girl
9/30/2011For wasting 10 points on that thread..now it only cost ya 9
9/24/2011Laughing yoga --
9/24/2011For not having an annoying yank accent. ZP
9/22/2011Ahaha, may Satan guide your cock to best vaginas!
9/21/2011FLOATER --- ak prole
9/18/2011Poor taste
9/15/2011Good find/match for the subject
9/15/2011Best wishes from uncle karma
9/15/2011Obsessed with karma.
9/15/20111 for the Nazi bitch... xsilmarillion.
9/14/2011Posting this awesome song, I've never heard .
9/14/2011From 1 NIRVANA fan to another! Cylo.
9/13/2011TDP - GG Allin, motherfucker!
9/13/2011Here! Pin IT!
9/12/2011Go with the flow ;)
9/12/2011Made me lol on the Cascadia thread~
9/11/2011I'll reach around
9/11/2011Humorous post
9/11/2011Karma hugs <3 Trix
9/11/2011Your vowel "o" .... CyBerndt
9/10/2011Stupid post, see for yourself - just a bitch
9/8/2011Cause i can
9/1/2011For denying the Son of God, to whom you will shortly give account of your life.
8/23/2011Thanks for participating - Tatlantis
8/22/2011Funny guy
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