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drhoecker's Karma

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1/31/2012Spreading the love :) *aiyanna
1/31/2012From einsteinsfly~
1/11/2012This stupid is strong in this one.
1/3/2012Dude, what kind of drugs are you on to come up with an Adam and Eve post like that? Are you really that fricken stupid?
12/30/2011Thank you. Valeria
9/17/2011A fonzi thumbs down becuz you suck
9/1/2011Because you are crazy and want everyone to know it
8/29/2011Giving you a green thumbs up to counteract all the negative shite you say over and over again, cheers
8/29/2011For his revealing
8/29/2011For making a hovercraft
8/28/2011Funny video on Comet Elenin.
8/28/2011Posting misleading very edited videos
8/22/2011For keeping us Entertained and taking it so well
8/20/2011He Showed me How to Make Women Squert!
8/19/2011Intuitive poster who deserves more credit than he receives :)
8/18/2011Thinks magnets, shot glasses, and golf balls make a free energy device
8/18/2011Psycho bastard!
8/16/2011Keep us posted on the UFO project.

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