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DOOMED!'s Karma

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9/3/2011I hope you are continuing to heal and you are feeling well!
8/25/2011Dooooooommmmmeeeedddd​dd er!!!!
8/19/2011For informing about Ron Paul Fox coverup. TY!
8/19/2011For your Fox News Cover Up post; regards from Freedom From Fiat!
8/19/2011Go Ron!
8/19/2011Ron paul crap
8/18/2011Need to keey japan in the news :-)
8/18/2011Good post
8/18/2011Reported Abusive Post
8/18/2011Reported Abusive Post
8/18/2011Reported Abusive Post
8/18/2011Reported Abusive Post
8/17/2011Very good video post
8/17/2011Yup, thank you for educating the masses! - dettol
8/14/2011UnDoom is Alive on GLP
8/14/2011He beat cancer =)
8/14/2011Beating cancer = good Karma, thanks for sharing
8/14/2011For beating a killer
8/14/2011Beating the odds.
8/14/2011Good health 2 u
8/14/2011Great news!
8/13/2011Posting your story was the best thing you could have done :)
8/13/20111 for the good kind of powerful people
8/13/2011Beating the sickness. that deserves 100+ karma
8/13/2011Beating cancer!!!!
8/13/2011Good story, good luck!
8/13/2011For spreading your good Karma...here's a token little bit back atcha! So happy for you <3
8/13/2011Congratulations! Best wishes for more good health and vitality!
8/13/2011Spreading the joy. Congrats mate.
8/13/2011For not spreading doom, but for being a positive thinker....B.H.
8/13/2011Surviving cancer!
8/13/2011Bike rider
8/13/2011Any Day Above Ground is a Good Day
8/13/2011Grats on beating pancreatic cancer!
8/13/2011B/c he survived cancer
8/13/2011Because I'm so happy for you!!!!
8/13/2011Guess you dont need this anymore, but a little more good karma never hurt!
8/13/2011Congratulations, make the most of it
8/13/2011You beat pancreatic cancer! Good for you!
8/13/2011Surviving cancer
8/13/2011Beat the killer!
8/13/2011Beating cancer!
8/13/2011Beat the shit out of Inspector Pancreas who is a well known shill
8/13/2011Beat cancer karma
8/13/2011He defeated cancer (=
8/13/2011Uplifting thread, giving hope to those in a similar situation.
8/13/2011Life is a gift!
8/13/2011Congrats on beating it
8/13/2011Brave and amazing accomplishment. Good karma a must.
8/13/2011Congrats on beating cancer and telling the good news! I love positive GLP posts!
8/13/2011Beat cancer!
8/13/2011This poster is healed and cured from cancer.
8/13/2011Congrats, OP!

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