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gracebear's Karma

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8/13/2014Like what was said
2/8/2014You are rather gorgeous-brightstarz-​---Watch out!!!
2/8/2014Good luck with your obsessive fan-Fencer
2/5/2014You are rather gorgeous-brightstarz
2/5/2014You're fucking annoying and i think you're a troll
2/2/2014Your Aunt is a retard and so are you. It's a SCAM.
2/2/2014From your aunt
1/31/2014From Satans mouth you are condenmed
1/30/2014Good post
1/19/2014Very sweet person-brightstarz
1/18/2014Thannnnkks..baaabaaaa​ :) ~sIcKaNdTwIsTeD~
1/18/2014Yes they 'do exist' :) Happy weekend gracebear. Hugs, Sloane
1/14/2014Brief :)
1/11/2014The bouncing elephant :)
1/10/2014Keep the faith uarebeingwatched
1/7/2014Grammar challenged religitard
1/7/2014For you thread on sin / hell ~interested_1
1/6/2014Hell awaits you moron
1/6/2014Probably means well
1/6/2014I cant believe how dangerous people like you are to society. Living in your fantasy world. Acting like its reality
2/4/2012Darling girl!
1/8/2012From the Pool.

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