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Brian888's Karma

Total: 14 (14  User Votes) and 6

11/12/2011V :)
11/11/2011= )
11/10/2011For your witch hunt comment. When will people learn that hanging anyone who doesn't participate in said "witch hunts" doesn't make anything go away.. Not supporting it, but in no
11/10/2011From Apollo
11/8/2011Interesting 10 months. Thug Cat
10/3/2011See you next week hahahahahahahhahahaha​ha....
9/29/2011Just becausethiskarmacrapi​sgayandanyonecannegat​iveyouforanystupidrea​son
9/13/2011Holy Sheep Shit!
9/3/2011Nice art ... cibrell
8/30/2011You made a funny!
8/28/2011Thanks for sharing :-)
8/27/2011For having the courage to display your art and bring art to GLP. Redlicorice
8/26/2011Great Beatles artwork.
8/20/2011For granny <3
8/19/2011In support of his/her recent loss.
8/19/2011For old grandmamothers Peace!

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