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TraversableWormhole's Karma

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9/3/2020Have some green broski
10/8/2019Your ridicule means zero. That's a laugh on you.
6/20/2019Thanks !
4/11/2019Sun troll. Of course it looked yellow pre 2000s.
4/10/2019For sun truth
4/10/2019Sun was yellow, not white. Big dummy.
3/30/2019Insane drivel from an absolute lunatic!
12/27/2018Ur wrong
12/27/2018Shill for the cover-up
9/13/2018Glp is a free to use site, u don't own a monopoly on the sunspot observatory article. get a life, asshole!
8/7/2018For being one of the few sane people on this site (ES)
3/19/2018Dey do... U read my mind, lol! GilmourBlues
1/31/2018Why would there be a 2 mile high tsunami from a magnetic pole reversal?... thank you, sterling malory archer
10/18/2017Looked more into it, you are right. Capo

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