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Judethz's Karma

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11/29/2011How dare jerks red karma such a pretty girl - Walkers Everywhere
11/28/2011Stop with the obssession of lecherous girly images!
11/28/2011Love the pic
11/28/2011A pity you will never wake up from the infancy of your own mind. Say hi to Santa for me.
11/27/2011For putting up with these dumbass shills: SnakeAirlines & Noble. :)
11/27/2011Thanks for support - DoorBert
11/25/2011Shut up bitch!!!!
11/23/2011Thank you
11/23/2011Muzzie scum, traitor, pedophile worshipper, doom of society, don't you have a suicidebombing to go to?
11/23/2011Deluded and ignorant..
11/23/2011Frankly, I think your comments are condescending and lack intelligence.
11/22/2011TY for posting the vid on the Japanese diet! God bless! ~Kim
11/21/2011Reported Abusive Post
11/21/2011Grab your cheeks and spread em, baby...I'm driving.
11/20/2011Siding with Fascists
11/19/2011You are great ! (amanapple)
11/19/2011Judy patooty snooty boobie
11/18/2011Thanks for the link. I'll check it out. -Rev
11/17/2011Looks like somebody is a retard <3
11/16/2011U need it lol
11/16/2011Yup yup!
11/15/2011100% stupid/chemtard/loser​
11/15/2011Keep rockin! ;)
11/15/2011Jewtard constantly posting sleazy lolita pics
11/15/2011For contributing to the Chemtrail thread. Chemtrails are real! - Rybo
11/15/2011You know, Judethz, if you die in your sins you will be facing an eternity of pain and humiliation. Some religious idiot said that...wonder who that could be?(~) Peace be with You, Love is the answer(~
11/12/2011You fucking useless cunt!!
11/11/2011You asked for it.
11/8/2011Stfu ya dumb bitch..
11/7/2011Oh, STOP with the girlie graphics already!! We GET the POINT! Pervert!
11/6/2011Fuckin perv
11/5/2011Ignorant loser/godtard/chemtar​d
11/3/2011Absolute Weirdo !!!
11/2/2011For spreading fear based proaganda and lies
10/31/2011You're right about hell. Keep standing up for Truth.
10/31/2011We know its you 9teen47 pedo religitard
10/31/2011You deserve some good karma ;)
10/30/2011COULD you shut up...please????
10/30/2011Brilliantly thought out! Nick®
10/27/2011Pedo shill pond scum
10/27/2011Spamming Twat
10/27/2011You're a lol factory
10/25/2011Green for you
10/25/2011Go take your Chick Pamphelts some place else.
10/25/2011Put ya in the green, good posting. Anient :-)
10/21/2011Be ye not equally yoked indeed. Live by the Word through the Spirit with the faith of Jesus Christ.
10/19/2011Help with link
10/19/2011Posted a Tardis. Who can beat that??
10/16/2011Thank you for your message today !
10/16/2011I love Gold Rush!!!
10/16/2011I liked the show
10/15/2011Your reply to Moohsi Kin was uncalled for!
10/14/2011Just for bump
10/14/2011Keep standing up for truth. May YHVH bless you and lead you into all truth. - Voice
10/13/2011Shove your chick tracts up your ass pedophile!
10/13/2011Good karma from Gaia
10/13/2011For her wit! :-) jdb
10/12/2011Wew you there
10/12/2011Shut up..im sure you're not exactly the picture of perfection yourself you pedo freak
10/11/2011Awesome anti-mason cartoon lol!!!
10/11/2011Agree with you about feeling like the August Bank Holiday. Love your posts! God bless you!
10/10/2011You are right... d2
10/10/2011Karma for being British
10/10/2011I kinda like her too. -Writemeaticket Red
10/9/2011Thank You for the pretty hummingbird post!! God Bless You!
10/9/2011Obvious threat
10/9/2011Your witness is terrible.Ask yourself if Jesus is pleased with your witness. I think you know the answer.
10/8/2011Hi Judethz, thought I would stop by and spread a little good Karma your way...:)...tg1
10/7/2011I hate your smilies. They make sense to noone but you.
10/7/2011SHILL who uses stupid pictures to try to look cute
10/7/2011Being a hater and ugly person and misrepresenting God.
10/7/2011Karma for having balls!....Danly
10/6/2011Dont be a troll
10/4/2011Okay pal buddy ol homo sessual
10/2/2011Those are CONTRAILS!!!!
10/2/2011Those are CONTRAILS!!!!
10/1/2011Stupid chemcunt
10/1/2011Crap head
10/1/2011I support Israel too but you are just stupid!
10/1/2011You need some good karms. indiandave
9/30/2011Claiming jewish hatred when their was no hatred at all, only truth.
9/30/2011Those stupid sexual pics in nearly every post you make are retarded..1948 you're a pedo freak..get a life
9/30/2011Wicked post
9/29/2011Love is the answer, not religion...read that in you wholly bible(~)
9/29/2011A little green from BuzzKill
9/28/2011Shana Tova! from me777
9/27/2011Good Karma for balance! Gaia
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