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Judethz's Karma

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9/27/2011Good Karma for balance! Gaia
9/27/2011YHWH will judge you who serve the darknes and it wont be pretty you satanic freakshow
9/27/2011Loves sucking jesus cock
9/25/2011Hola. TG
9/24/2011For your chick tracts and your "pedophilic" avatars
9/23/2011Stupid Avatar
9/22/2011Thank you for the Morgellon's post - Missiouri Foxtrotter
9/22/2011For the Hearts & Flowers on my prayer thread--God Bless You
9/21/2011Free Karma for Ya ! from Darkzen !
9/21/2011CHICK is awesome! my family uses them!
9/20/2011Ugly inside and out
9/20/2011Shill, Liar, Bad Person
9/19/2011From a biblical point of view, you're a Spiritual Loser(~) God Bless You
9/19/2011Can't you post without putting stupid images ?
9/18/2011Very helpful
9/18/2011Judgemental ....isn't there a CHICK cartoon for that??
9/18/2011Half Ass
9/17/2011Good thread on cyprus/turkey/israel situation
9/17/2011Zionist Twat
9/17/2011Zionazi propaganda
9/16/2011Nice... -FatGoose
9/16/2011Nasty zionist shill
9/15/2011Kindly stop posting your tits and bashing EVERYONE who is not Jewish. WTF is with you saying "jewish people can do no wrong"?? Your fucking deluded.
9/15/2011World class insane, pedo, freak.
9/15/2011Gave me an answer
9/15/2011Iceland set the right example
9/14/2011Spaming Twat
9/13/2011Good advice
9/12/2011Your nothing but a tool
9/2/2011Pro-Israel poster!
9/2/2011Illuminati Agent
9/2/2011I strongly agree with your statement!
9/2/2011For making supporters of Israel look bad with these stupid fucking pictures in every post. It's just WEIRD!
9/2/2011Thanks for posting the 'How the ISS came together' video link - abhie
8/31/2011Thanks Judethz for all the time, effort, knowledge, you have put in to this forum ...you have been longer than 2/16/2011..so thanks!...we love ya!... your 1 eyed friend.
8/30/2011Open your mind you ignorent
8/29/2011Awesome sarcasm pointing out second thread....just like me
8/28/2011Good Karma for standing up to the bad guys!!! Peace
8/28/2011SHUT THE FUCK UP WITH YOUR JEWISH PROPAGANDA!!! A Jew can do no crime?? GTFO of HERE! Crack ratz...
8/27/2011Serves The Most High God
8/26/2011Fellow Berean sister - from morganite
8/25/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/25/2011Good support!
8/24/2011Well said
8/24/2011For pushing this sionistic crap over and over again....
8/22/2011Common sense on the "black reunion" shooting! 8 )
8/22/2011Trying to take attention by putting irrelevant images to posts.
8/21/2011Zionist shill fake christian tard
8/20/2011Good posts
8/20/2011Hey Judethz!
8/20/2011A good karma for you. :)
8/19/2011I like your Avatar - Bink
8/19/2011For my lovely little sister in Christ
8/15/2011God bless
8/14/2011False Xtian Shill
8/13/2011You avatar is so darn cute! Chop's
8/13/2011Thank you for replying to my post i like those little comics -dudeguyman
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