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mael's Karma

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10/21/2014Thanks for Battery Info Excellent !!
8/2/2013Shameful. I hope you never have kids. ~UAP
2/23/2013Keep it zippered then as you are too stupid, immature and irresponsible to be breeding
12/13/2012Hi Mael. Thanks for a new insight into Desulfation. Practical always works. The one i built takes forevere. The batteries Im trying to desulfate are 101 amp hrs. That means 54 days and there are 19. Y
7/29/2012Sevak_Muni Karma for circ post
7/7/2012Fuck off
6/28/2012Weekend almost here mael, take care dragunov_1977
6/26/2012Thumbs up
6/25/2012Jolly good question there me old chum :-) ming
6/11/2012Have a great week mael :) dragunov_1977
5/11/2012Have a great weekend Mael :) dragunov_1977
5/3/2012Green for Mael :) dragunov_1977
5/3/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/3/2012Asshole, from AB!
5/2/2012Here's some karma for understanding karma - LeifErikson
5/2/2012Mael asked a really good question that I have wondered a lot about, too!
5/2/2012Maybe this will help you "get it"
5/2/2012May as well have some green since Japan is fucked anyway.
5/2/2012For asking questions! - ANHEDONIC
5/2/2012Negating the Red.
4/30/2012Has no idea what he is talking about
4/30/2012Trying to decide if you're just a douche, an idiot, or a splendid example of both. I'm going with the latter.
4/29/2012Good Fuku summary! ehecatl
4/27/2012For truth about the role of black and muslims in America
4/25/2012Green karma bomb initiated! +1 :) dragunov_1977
4/24/2012For standing for what's right and tearing into that jackass from Japan on the fukushima diichi thread - Sir Phy
4/22/2012Best wishes and good luck. Try to order some zeolite, it is earth clay.
4/20/2012Dome for your F'Shima Report, why do you not included some Sources, would be better to read!
2/2/2012From Dog
2/1/2012Very funny
12/15/2011Nice comment
12/9/2011Legendary article ... cheers... CP...
12/4/2011Well said. gn
11/16/2011Cool story :)
9/15/2011Good Karma to you because you dont need a sexy avatar to get some!!!
9/6/2011Don't worry about your Karma points - that's not the reason you are GLP. Faith
9/6/2011Cute avatar. Invisible girl? :)
9/6/2011Positive Karma heading your way :)
9/6/2011If you are half as secksy as me then you are really secksy - BUT just not as secksy as me...lol
9/6/2011Stop sending us radioactive tea.
9/2/2011Stupid post

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