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Bugsy Moran's Karma

Total: 59 (56  User Votes + 3  Threads Pinned) and 17

10/22/2013Silence yourself worm.
4/4/2013The man deserves some respect.
2/18/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/20/2012Mastubatory Karma - Cave Johnson
3/11/2012Dork who should not be on the forum since he is a conspiracy non-believer
2/18/2012Mermans - gay fish. I'm still laughing about that.
10/10/2011Your back? Really? I think the mods have lost their minds. One of the worst tards on this site, ever
10/6/2011For being funny
9/29/2011LOL!!! Fruck yeeewwww
9/28/2011Good thread
9/21/2011"They're lovin it" I'm lovin' the joke too.
9/21/2011Giv'er shit g-hybrocanuck
9/21/2011Haha, Turdburglar
9/21/2011Road trip!!
9/21/2011I like it...crew_leader
9/21/2011The dude is guilty as sin
9/21/2011Funny shit
9/21/2011ClappaGuy*** Thanks!
9/21/2011Stupidest thing i've ever seen!
9/20/2011Redhead post!
9/20/2011Misssweetpea from one red head to another
9/20/20111 fer tawkin' lak a pairit, Matey! Aaarrrgh!
9/20/2011I like the idea that you leave your name when posting -karmas.
9/20/2011RIght back atcha! Obummer the douche! Villafi
9/20/2011Ok Good Post Nutramac
9/20/2011Another to the good :)
9/20/20114 u
9/19/2011No one should discuss their income, lacks class
9/19/2011Nice thread Bugsy :)..wildhoney
9/19/2011Love from I steal rainbows
9/19/2011Stan Rogers Karma :D
9/19/2011Hoist the flag, Mr Kilcunny
9/19/2011Happy B-day on the 26th, mines the 25th. RayGun
9/19/2011Nice safari kink thanks.:), NTC
9/19/20111 heretic
9/19/2011For knowing my name is John.
9/18/2011You are very very funny!!
9/18/2011LOVE THE GIRL lol ++ jynxx96
9/18/2011Direct threat of murder
9/18/2011Fucking retarded imbecile. Reggin through and through.
9/18/2011Talking about other people's mothers, you're a douche
9/17/2011Heres your fanatacism dickwad
9/17/2011Blessings! - Lisa:)
9/17/2011Hahahah good nibiru joke
9/16/2011Great thread...AdRock
9/15/2011For having faith in my popcorn advice-- from Monkeyfister!
9/15/2011GLAD you called that number and said what you did!
9/15/2011For punking the see something say something line ~Aphrodite~
9/15/2011If you see something, say something. LOL...Storm
9/15/2011David the Gnome FTW
9/15/2011Funny Zombie Thread!
9/15/2011From ~BlueMind
9/11/2011FOR THE TRUTH+LULZ ~Silverblade
9/11/2011Not funny
9/11/2011For the most gay minute and a half i can't unsee yet could not look away. :)
9/10/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/10/2011U just received positiv karma from sharty mc bean!
9/10/2011Thank you:)
9/10/2011Mooshi kin Karma :)
9/10/2011There you go... you never said it had to be good karma.
9/8/2011Great post, and true that! 48N
9/8/2011Nice job (chosen)
9/6/2011SO Rhonry!
9/6/2011"If you aren't guilty you have nothing to worry about." Amen Brotha. Pure BS
9/6/2011Need to ban him again
9/5/2011Good post on the pyramid thread!
9/4/2011Lmao, first laugh of the,night.
9/4/2011Cool dude

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