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Rev Woo-Woo's Karma

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4/18/2012A karma in return. for karma,
4/17/2012Telling it like it is as always :)-ajk
4/17/2012Green day ;) salt
4/16/2012Posting the network link.
4/15/2012Luv from pink cat
4/13/2012Happy tear in my eye. So glad for you!
4/12/2012A flower falls even though we love it. A weed grows even though we don't love it. -Chrit
4/12/2012Thank you DPC! Good karma - from truthwillsetyoufreeag​ain
4/12/2012Good luck on your journey to find those connected to you. Madame X
4/12/2012Love ya gal
4/11/2012For BBQ!
4/11/2012LOL, love ya gal⦠you're damn awesome <3 MO
4/11/2012I like you, you seem very genuine, Kayak
4/10/2012For caring about the homeless +1 dragunov_1977
4/10/2012Hey Rev,...nice to know you are still out there Alive and Kicking!! Aloha ~Z
4/10/2012More Green From DoGMoRal :)
4/9/2012Great feedback on the Ancient Sites thread... I agree! :) ....my2centsworth
4/8/2012Thanks for the nice words. Amy A
4/7/2012Imma justa leava thisa hera
4/7/2012"walking down steps holding my great grandmother's hand and thinking I was helping her because she was so old." I love you! ~SW~
4/6/2012Purple chickie! :D ~Sandi
4/5/2012For your excellent use of a song lyric. ;)
4/5/2012Not perfect but perfectly me ~ I can relate to that(~) tSJ
4/4/2012I think you are a very kind, sweet & genuine person. I enjoy seeing your input and almost always agree with the advice you give. +1 <3 ~ BooBooKitty
4/4/2012I see nothing but loving kindness from you!
4/4/2012The purple crotch rocket!
4/4/2012Here here! Why is he posting in a conspiracy forum?
4/4/2012I have a feeling you were the one who gave me the greeny today. Thanks. Tanarus.
4/3/2012Green Apologies:( from DoGMoRal. Sorry I Was A Rude Shill. Karma4u4ever:)
3/30/2012I Freakin' Love You Rev. Stargazer, You're The Greatest Evaaah!!! <3 ~mo
3/30/2012Aloha from maui!=seer
3/27/2012Karma like a wheel. Phase
3/26/2012Always a lift to see your name! :) ~Sandi
3/26/2012Thanks for the help!
3/25/2012Truer words were never spoken.. in race war thread...my2centswort​h
3/23/2012Why thank you very much :-)
3/23/2012For educating me on baking soda and ACV for shampoo, dragunov_1977
3/22/2012Good tidings from <Path>!
3/19/2012John 1:18 -- right back atcha -- mordier
3/17/2012Nice to have a partner in battle :)
3/16/2012From pink cat. glad you're ok after that storm!
3/12/2012Much Love!!!
3/11/2012When they tell you to grow up they mean stop growing - Chrit
3/7/2012Green day ;) Salt
3/7/2012Good Karma for you since you're having such a bad time! TIS
3/5/2012Good fortune is coming your way. 2 weeks or less! Accept and be grateful! <3
3/4/2012Thank you - Chrit
3/1/2012Thx 4 input on the no-poo thing
3/1/2012Kiwi green from tauranga
2/28/2012There is no doom, only yourself. LOVE IT!
2/28/2012Good karma drive by from pink cat
2/27/2012This green stuff is coming out of my ears. Can you Help? ~DoubleHelix
2/27/2012Karma! Marax
2/27/2012Instant karma....mroysterhead​
2/27/2012Rev. Stargazer For The Motherfucking Win!!! She's The Greatest Ever.
2/26/2012For what you did for your daughter --Meletos
2/24/2012Peace...Sevak Muni
2/20/2012Fair and honest. Doesn't have an attitude.
2/19/2012The Egg blew my mind!
2/17/2012Lilinoe knows! <3
2/15/2012Be Well - Chrit
2/14/2012Damn crazy people lol... Marax
2/14/2012Reported Abusive Post
2/12/2012Da Lying Chicken
2/12/2012Much love and grace to you! from Path
2/12/2012Thanks! And if she didn't ban me from her thread, I'd do it over and over again ~ Rockarchy
2/12/2012Keep your Jesus hate to yourself.
2/12/2012Great job on proclaming the truth about Jesus.. Rajun Cajun
2/11/2012Reported Abusive Post
2/11/2012Gorgeous Lady, i Heart You!!!
2/11/2012Thank you. :D ~Sandi
2/11/2012Nice photo! - truthwillsetyoufreeag​ain
2/10/2012Chicken shit! :P ~ Aphrodite Harmonia
2/10/2012Snarky false teaching
2/9/2012Karma drive by from pink cat :)
2/9/2012Ur very gifted from thecelticcat
2/9/2012Some green from SFAV
2/9/2012Thanks for the back-up on the Zetas being right! =] - ANHHEDONIC
2/6/2012For Freddie's song. Madame X
2/4/2012Too full of yourself -k here and -k in your life
2/4/2012Much love! (:-DeeZe
2/3/2012Have a great weekend! - truthwillsetyoufreeag​ain
2/2/2012You seriously give me bad karma for joking around with you on his thread....damn someone is sensative
2/1/2012From tauranga
1/30/2012Green Day ;) Salt
1/25/2012Wing-ed Karma
1/24/2012One cannot step twice into the same river - Chrit
1/24/2012You have such lovely energy :) martianprincess
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