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Big Duke6's Karma

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1/19/2019Trump 2020
1/19/2019HOW did you get so fucked up in the head? I keep thinking that your comments just can NOT get any more retarded. Then you one-up yourself!
1/19/2019Red for th Canook
1/17/2019When you were conceived, I think some shit got on the sperm and developed into your brain.
1/11/2019Part of the problem
1/8/2019Doesn't change the fact that liberals like yourself are scum of the earth. POS!
1/1/2019You have sight
12/30/2018I see you still sucking a lot of dick you LGBT tranny freak.
12/29/2018You love red!
12/24/2018Merry Christmas
12/23/2018Lib idiot
12/22/2018More red. Just because you're such an asshole.
12/22/2018Shut up and suck that NIB you faggot ass communist
12/22/2018We don't need to know about your bukake experience. I thought it was generally a female who gets splooged all over on.
12/22/2018Go away shill
12/22/2018Shit minded you
12/18/2018Hey Big Puke? You are SADLY misinformed and you really need to fuck off to a site that appreciates assholes like you. Just being serious.
12/13/2018For telling the truth! Keep it up. - LiteaFart
12/13/2018Asshat for sure
12/12/2018Negative nancy
12/11/2018Needs shock treatments...for real
12/9/2018This LGBT fag like to shove hard long stiff shit up his asshole. Word on the street he likes to play the wife.
12/9/2018Brainwashed to the point you will fight for your slavery til death yelling equality and entitlements. Hope karma finds you fast
12/9/2018Stepped into a shit thread? Here, have some red.
11/30/20182 years in and nothing nada zip..nows he is under invest Hahahahaha
11/30/2018How do you know that your brain survived that horrible accident you had?
11/30/2018Fuck You Faggot Bitch
11/30/2018TRUMP 2020....and youre a fag
11/30/2018Same old same old
11/25/2018Fuck off Cucknadian /WBW
11/25/2018Trump bump :)
11/25/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/25/2018You already know you're scum, and your family already knows you're scum, so I'm just letting you know that i also know you're scum, and it's clear as day to everyone here that
11/25/2018This red isn't for being a liberal. This is for being an unethical ass.
11/24/2018You fubar socialist git haha glad you mad lady!
11/18/2018Little Sissy7
11/18/2018Soy Boy
11/17/2018Orange man bad
11/11/2018Reported Abusive Post
11/11/2018March of dykes?
11/11/2018Awesome idea!
11/5/2018Here's another red for being a traitor to my country.
11/5/2018Fuck you canada cunt
11/4/2018Cock gurgling rectum licking libtard shill.
11/4/2018Cockjuggling thundercunt.
10/25/2018Thanks for posting NPC, here's more red.
10/12/2018Trump bump :)
10/6/2018Helping you get a fresh start
10/6/2018Go play in the freeway!!!!
10/5/2018Suck a cock. Faggot.
10/5/2018Sorry guy, Trump isn't into fucking Canadian snowflakes such as yourself.
9/23/2018I know BD6 is a little rough around the edges personality wise but when it comes to knob gobbling and taint licking, this boy is unequaled! +++ Must be an Obama prodigy!
9/20/2018Big douche6 still licking obamas balls
9/17/2018Loves poopsicles
9/17/2018Oh noes! Not another red karma !
9/17/2018Big Dumb Dick, more like it..
9/17/2018I like ur style!! Trikk
9/17/2018Your really working your BS, but your getting no where on this site. Keep wasting your time...freak.
9/16/2018Still slinging the BS
9/10/2018Likes to look between his legs at the mirror while smacking his cheeks together with his hands while doing his best whiny impersonation of Michael Moore.
9/8/2018More like big douche 6
9/8/2018What makes you think Trump is bought by Soros? You know Trump is a billionaire right? Get a Brian Moran.
9/8/2018Democrat satanic whore
9/8/2018Here for your daily Red?
9/8/2018Thanks for the reminder. Trump bump :)
9/8/2018Fuck off you ShareBlue asswipe.
9/8/2018Trump has been in office 2 years .- you are clueless
9/8/2018For thinking Soros is a prophet of God, and the messiah for Liberals
9/6/2018Covefefe indeed
8/30/2018Infinite Love! ~ A Friend
8/27/2018From our President to you!
8/25/2018Ur a steaming pile
8/25/2018Canada fag trump shits on you
8/25/2018Liberal Scum
8/21/2018Shill. grow up. low IQ
8/21/2018Reported Abusive Post
8/20/2018Reported Abusive Post
8/20/2018Reported Abusive Post
8/12/2018This cum guzzling shit sucker is an embarrassment to all cum guzzling shit suckers.
8/8/2018Generally for being an asshole, but specifically for being a shill.
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