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DoveInLight's Karma

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9/17/2011Topic is great!
9/16/2011Rubbish ramblings
9/16/2011Provided much needed information in a matured and timely manner.
9/16/2011Part of the scam..sad
9/15/2011Something is suspicious about all this
9/15/2011Rude and bossy
9/15/2011Bless you
9/14/2011Because I can
9/14/2011For helping NiN!!!....:-) DZ
9/13/2011Account Upgraded +1 Karma :)
9/13/2011Thanks for helping NIN!
9/13/2011For organizing this thread for Ninrez =)
9/13/2011For you and mom
9/13/2011Good post
9/13/2011Reaching out, keeping us connected..
9/13/2011Thank you for informing us about Nin. Please let us know what she needs and the best way to meet those needs.
9/13/2011Thanks for the info... Prayers for Nin...
9/13/2011Timely update on NIN, thank you
9/13/2011Thanks so much for sharing info on NIN. kc
9/13/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/13/2011Ty for the post on Ninz!
9/4/2011Inner ocean!
9/3/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/3/2011Cool post about underground ocean
9/2/2011More karma love for you <3 NIN
8/24/2011For a comedy comment! :)
8/24/2011Poster linked something that was actually interesting. Good work.
8/24/2011For sharing the story of universal love.
8/19/2011For also giving out karmas
8/17/2011You are the best! Always have great insight, with a very open mind. cant ask for much more <3

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