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Waterbug's Karma

Total: 350 (326  User Votes + 15  Thread Reports + 9  Threads Pinned) and 71

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10/5/2017Before your time. pool
8/5/2017Still loved. pool
12/10/2016Still thinking of you my friend
6/23/2016Still loved. pool
9/22/2014Sweetheart. Hugs.
9/1/2014Star light.
6/12/2014Love finds you.
5/15/2014I miss you bug! RIP ~ Fishy
5/11/2014RIP Waterbug
5/10/2014Rip Waterbug
5/10/2014RIP Waterbug ---- Juggalo :-)
5/10/2014Great man. pool
2/8/2014Some green for you!! digital mix guy
1/9/2014For your Fukushima updats and links thread. :hf: - Pole Cat
11/4/2013Butthurt you are.
10/27/2013Hey, where ya been : ) -Relativity
10/24/2013Miss seeing you! Southern OR
10/7/2013Fukued up - Chrit
9/21/2013Great thread..5 satrs karma from gonviral
9/17/2013Because - Chrit
9/16/2013You are a good man. ~ Fishy
9/15/2013For hunting
9/10/2013Bite back, f-in shills
9/8/2013For your continued insight...morgan
9/8/2013Stay on the case, brother waterbug! Kudos for your tenacious efforts.Peace and blessings to you.-hugh m eye
9/6/2013Back atcha - Astralholic
9/6/2013Green for you WaterBug!
9/5/2013For the great advice in the finish basement thread Carol B.
9/5/2013Brief :)
9/4/2013Back at you bug ar15-nut
9/4/2013For knowing the truth - gypsy priest
9/4/2013Reported Abusive Post
9/2/2013Truth is considered a falsehood by many. beeches from Fukushima (obama bay) thread.
9/1/2013Thx for the karma - snarky74
8/31/2013Cp ,:)
8/27/2013Just TNX --- Krispy71
8/25/2013Keep up the great work, Waterbug. Peace and Blessings to you.-hugh m eye
8/23/2013Great post...karma from Gonviral
8/21/2013Hello Waterbug...rockhuff..​..er...Agent73
8/20/2013Some green love ~ A Friend
8/20/2013For your links, isotopes....grumpier.​
8/18/2013Apparently i think you deserve it
8/18/2013Hippies :-) Ming
8/17/2013For your fukushima reports - rickster58
8/15/2013Idiotic comment "county folk"
8/14/2013Love and light - Iolar
8/12/2013Thanks for fuku news ar15-nut
8/2/2013For caring to be a good person. ~ A Friend
8/2/2013Debris it is....
7/31/2013Reported Abusive Post
7/30/2013I feel the same about cooler temps on Delmarva Peninsula - beeches from Ice Age thread.
7/26/2013Good IRS post - Cookie
7/25/2013Such a smart and friendly human :) I'm glad we met up on GLP :) - Eireann~
7/25/2013Green for you! ~ A Friend
7/25/2013For decency, Elemental :))
7/25/2013You really think we're just paid shills? I'm disappointed, I thought you were smarter than that. Guess I was wrong.
7/24/2013Thank you for the comment on AA's thread....old guard
7/20/2013Thanks for the comments -SteamrolledGobias
7/19/2013Thank you green for you....davvi
7/18/2013Sept Spirals
7/17/2013Love ya GFG
7/16/2013Spy Vs. Spy
7/12/2013Popcorn smilie ahaha! Love it. Sloane
7/11/2013Agreed! ~Downer~
7/9/2013Bugout Bunker Green karma--eekers
7/9/2013For all you do, this Karma is for you. Southern OR
7/7/2013Lol @ buzzard bait.. LP
7/7/2013Dead on correct
7/3/2013Canada does NOT need the US. get over yourself.
7/3/2013For telling it like it is - JanJan
7/3/2013Reported Copyright Violation
6/30/2013Supergreen Sunday karma :) Sloane
6/27/2013Well I was wrong about you. You don't get it and probably never will.
6/25/2013I appreciate your posts WB, and too often forget to share a little karma -ehecatl
6/25/2013Great job on the thread kills ~ A Friend
6/24/2013Back atcha! SG
6/24/2013Ty for karma icyman
6/22/2013Check out this green from beeches! i like your posts. toilet doom was my thread awhile back may ring a bell
6/22/2013Good find!
6/22/2013Love from elemental xx
6/21/2013For all you do, this is for you! S. OR
6/20/2013Nice image -SteamrolledGobias
6/19/2013I loved that cookie pic - hahaha! Have the best day :) Sloane
6/14/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
6/13/2013You are the music
6/13/2013Hi Old Friend
6/5/2013Reported Abusive Post
5/15/2013Miss you, hope you are healing well. Much respect, S. OR
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