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8/9/2012Hello! From Earth420
8/8/2012Thank you for your help - momma coop
8/7/2012Love the pharmacist joke - Lyttlmiss
8/7/2012Green for your pharmacist joke in The hang out ... Ziyal
8/7/2012Much love in The Hang out.. Peace.... EvilMoney
8/6/2012I'm like bad weeds
8/5/2012Gun thread - samanthasunflower
8/4/2012Plus 1
8/4/2012Your welcome! And thank YOU for a most interesting & informative thread about the TRUE reason behind the Chick-Fill-A controversy! from Eggcellent
8/4/2012Karma hugs <3 miffed:)
8/4/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
8/4/2012Good topic!
8/4/2012Sounds like another boondogle gonviral karma
8/4/2012Pinned! WindyMind
8/3/2012Yo, Chrit!!! - RoXY
8/3/2012Excellent cfa thread
8/3/2012Good thread
8/3/2012For knowing the truth SilverPatriot
8/3/20125* thread
8/3/2012Yes my friend, keep your powder dry. BK
8/2/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
8/2/2012CFA posting... Imajicatus
8/2/2012Great guy! Sleeping Giant
8/2/2012Thanks chrit. sonic
8/2/2012Excellent discussion on "gun free" zones ~ Lady Jane Smith
8/1/2012For your posts. From Tiger1.
8/1/2012Answer.drought.thnx. warriorsbond
8/1/2012Chrit bump. - Borian
7/31/2012Thanks, been a rough day and I needed this! Shellbe
7/31/2012Good point on the global warming thread - Nemamiah
7/31/2012For truth! Gregor Samsa
7/31/2012Good morning!! Jilly23
7/30/2012Drive-by :) - STT
7/28/2012Educating the ill informed!~e1
7/26/2012Good point (USMC0369)
7/26/2012Yup - not good - DoorBert
7/26/2012Great gun post - Dease
7/24/2012God Save The Republic
7/23/2012Good poster on this forum! PB
7/23/2012Great Vid- Lyttlmiss
7/23/2012Thanks for the StoryCorps post... Imajicatus
7/23/2012Getting closer
7/23/2012Karma from Walt
7/22/2012What a fabulous human being you are. ~ Truly
7/21/2012Hmm... - RoXY
7/21/2012Very wise comment on Pg. 17 of the "Revolution" thread! from Eggcellent
7/21/2012Thanks for posting kill zone article--Hawgzilla
7/21/2012Green for you my friend from SilverPatriot
7/20/2012For your gun free thread. From Tiger1.
7/20/2012Kill zone thread- Sleeping Giant
7/20/2012Finally some common sense. Thank you Fatalw1shes
7/20/2012Gun free Ohio thread!
7/20/2012For your insightful posts. From Mortal Epiphany
7/20/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
7/19/2012Whaddup brotha! - STT
7/19/2012Awww, Danny Fitch.(flowers go here).
7/19/2012God bless!
7/19/2012Karma 4u from Gonviral
7/18/2012Green for your Hang Out Post... PEACE EvilMoney
7/15/2012Glad i could help aR-15NUT got the pm thanks
7/15/2012Howdy! ~~CF~~
7/14/2012Dam! It does move, does'nt it.... :-) Imajicatus
7/12/2012Hi there! Earth420
7/8/2012Skateboarder saved by backpack... Nice one - RoXY
7/7/2012Happy saturday ! From Tiger1.
7/6/2012Level-headed poster (few & far between) green - STT
7/5/2012A little greenery for you, buddy...from Ziyal (formerly Kelly_).
7/3/2012Karma hug from tauranga
7/3/2012Thx for back up just trying to let people know - conform
7/3/2012For sharing your story - Victorian
7/2/2012Chrit....Peace to you my friend...WildFlower
7/2/2012Always time for a Chrit bump. - Borian
7/1/2012Have a great Sunday - Psych
7/1/2012Good post in thread. Desert Fox
6/30/2012Life is what it is until concerned citizens stand up boldly and point out the detrimental thinking in governments rational in their decision making.
6/30/2012Great work... TheTruthWorker
6/30/2012For the tooth. From Tiger1.
6/29/20121, Cpl. Tunnel
6/29/2012Good Karma Chirt for Different Strokes :) NB Billy
6/28/2012Thanks....cool pic even though it was sad. It was sadly beautiful. Fatal.
6/27/2012For feeling the M U S I C :) ~ Truly
6/26/2012Don't pick fighs with idiots, they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience (doom)
6/23/2012Chrit. b
6/22/2012Have a great weekend--- train
6/21/2012Great comments on the Judge napolitano thread. Always the voice of Reason! from Eggcellent
6/21/2012Chrit! doom
6/21/2012From warriorsbond
6/20/2012Danny Fitch was a hero. From Tiger1.
6/20/2012Great post! karma for u from Gonviral!
6/20/2012Thanks for the green have some yourself! Fubarman
6/20/2012Hilarious video! I needed a laugh. Thanks! - Psych
6/20/2012Love your quotes thread.
6/20/2012Hang in there my friend. BK
6/19/2012Love your posts! - Eireann~
6/19/2012Thank you much :D - Debauchery
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