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Apocalypse Girl's Karma

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10/25/2013Thank you! Fire Watch~
10/24/2013Green to you as well...sweetnsour
10/24/2013Beautiful photo montage you shared. Thank you. =}.
10/24/2013Hope MJ was a good soul too --- Quasar
10/23/2013Im intrigued by what you said about your family. do you ever wonder if you were chosen to be special in the end? black unit
10/23/2013Thanks for the green...Luke
10/23/2013Wow..agree with your post!! green Karma for u! from Gonviral
10/23/2013Green to offset the Red, you seem too nice ; ) ohnonotagain
10/23/2013Thank you! WeAreOne
10/23/2013Thanks for sharing ~ Three Little Lambs
10/23/2013I want to tell you, but they would come after me. (O.S.)
10/19/2013Good pics, get them in - Chrit
10/16/2013Happy B-Day....Luv Lekker:)
10/16/2013Happy birthday!
10/15/2013You rock! =D
10/14/2013Finally, someone with sanity. +1 Occasionally Swears
10/12/2013For being concerned about us - keep smiling
10/11/2013"Don't they know it's the end of the world" RayGun
10/11/2013For blue ass smiley dots at the end of driveways~Silvervega
10/11/2013Know the truth and the truth will set you free ~ the Apocalypse Girl rocks GLP(~)
10/7/2013Thanks for Tomato Recipe! (abeliever*)
10/6/2013You are welcome!....>>>>Settl​e4It<<<<
10/6/2013UselessRepeater--+K for your diligence.
10/5/2013Completely humbled!
8/21/2013Fellow Winged Disc hunter!....>>>Settle4​It<<<<
8/13/2013Solar Guardian here. May I have some green karma points? :)
8/13/2013Meteor love, friend. Peace and Blessings.-hugh m eye
7/27/2013Cute... . 4thhorseman
1/5/2013For kindness Don'tBeAfraid
1/3/2013You have my vote for prettiest girl on GLP. It's the truth, I didn't just say it to make you feel good.
1/2/2013Added you to my buddy list. Your screenname is awesome! -The Sonic Dreamer
1/2/2013Thank You, best wishes for a Happy New Year!! --very beautiful!...~e1
1/2/2013Very pretty! Would have guessed late 30's : ) - A
12/18/2012Cell phone karma....indiandave
12/12/2012Thanks for sharing, beautiful! Good find, Op.
12/9/2012From a friend ~ redpaw360
12/1/2012Blessings and peace! And five stars!
10/16/2011Happy Birthday! Heres a green thumbs up!
10/8/2011Spread the word.... bug
10/5/2011Thank you for the Cure song and lyrics!!! CowgirlK
10/2/2011Things will get better! ~TheBroker
10/2/2011= )
10/2/2011Your not a doomtard - your alive :0 Daboke x
10/2/2011I feel the same of late,,,lots more steady type feelings an laughs
9/28/2011Thank you for sharing your story! :) ~Kim
9/28/2011Know the truth and the truth will set you free > Love is the answer
9/27/2011Here you need some good karma, after that Terral bullshit!---Jtreal3
9/24/2011Cuz love is in the air
9/22/2011If your intentions are pure, i'm seeking a friend... for the end... of the world...
9/13/2011Doom gal ar-15 nut
9/10/2011The sweetest girl on glp
9/6/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/2/2011For being super sexy
8/23/2011EQ Forcaster....Callin it out at 2am....EPIC
8/23/2011Eq prediction!
8/20/2011For your thoughts
8/19/2011Just because
8/18/2011Good info
8/18/2011Nice post on sprout page permi rocks
8/18/2011Nice post
8/18/2011She is honestly thankful
8/18/2011Great prophetic post!
8/18/2011To offset the asshole who said she violated copywrite. This is general domain now.
8/18/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
8/18/2011Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
8/18/2011Definite Asset to GLP!
8/17/2011For having eyes open
8/17/2011Kindred spirit...Good vibes. I like your posts.
8/17/2011You are welcome!
8/17/2011Upgrade your Karma as well -Silverblade xD
8/17/2011Cool chick - great topic posting
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