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5/7/2019How is racism against whites, not our business, low IQ ?
3/24/20193 moar years
3/22/2019Stalin referred to you as a useful idiot - but you don't care to know history not following your false narratives
3/22/2019This coming from someone with Justin Trudeau as their Prime Minister.
1/21/2019You need Jesus.
1/21/2019For not understanding. anything. funnystrange
11/27/2018You ain't worth the pee stain on Jason Voorhees underwear, ya dildo licking lib cuck. Trump 2020, tough guy.
11/9/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/4/2018Libtard confirmed
10/31/2018Even though he's admitted to being a full blown fudgepacking faggot...still tries to dress normal and convert straight men.
10/23/2018You need to hit your history books. Comparing Trump to Hitler and Stalin only shows that you are a retard.
10/22/2018You'll be known as a bag of shit by how much red you have. GTFO.
9/2/2018Get fucked, loser!
9/1/2018Public healthcare and socialism are not
8/29/2018Democrat sympathizer, calls Americans "Yanks"
8/27/2018Good comment
8/14/2018Kinda sad he killed himself, but boy was he a funny guy. ....nutmeg....
8/13/2018Degenerate retard, or antifa pawn? Maybe both as in your case.
8/7/2018Leftists like yourself will be taken care of at some point by the masses
8/6/2018Right back at you idiot.
7/29/2018Gun violence is only a problem for blacks
7/22/2018What the fuck is your problem?
7/11/2018Mental health screenings for gun purchase? Are you fucking retarded? Your doctor could label you mentally ill and take away your constitutional rights. Think, fuckhead.
6/24/2018Gun violence isn't an issue for WHITE America
6/19/2018Projecting again
6/19/2018I had red to give away - you've earned it asshole
6/19/2018Labor camps indeed! Blue_Triquetra
6/19/2018Little snowflake need a Trump bump. Here you go... :)
6/9/2018You need more red.
6/9/2018Fuck you.
6/9/2018Shut your pedophile Canadian shit hole mouth. You disgust me you faggy fairy.
6/9/2018When SHTF, you'll be one of the first to be eliminated.
6/9/2018What does "assault rifle" even mean? It's a media-made term.
6/9/2018Anti-American moron
6/9/2018Are you trying for red or are you really this stupid?
6/9/2018It's not called the "Bill of Needs," asshat.
6/9/2018Peace be with you my friend....Noahsdad
6/3/2018So you're a goon and a radical then? If you're not happy here at GLP, then I think you should go somewhere you're happy. NowIhave
5/7/2018Poor baby...eat a gun.
4/27/2018You're the stacy. you dumb motherfucker
2/20/2018All this loaf, Rainbow Stalin.
2/20/2018From 5.0% suck it up bitch
2/20/2018Just kidding :) -plato
2/20/2018Keep on sucking that cock you faggot
2/20/2018Fuck off canuck! 15 year olds know nothing
2/20/2018We all know you're a troll. At least be good at it though. :(
1/2/2018Spunkaholic fwoot loowp.
12/17/2017Morning green NOFAKE)
11/18/2017Doesnt know shit about actual music but likes to think books tell him all about it. GO fuck yourself COCKSUCKER
11/18/2017Commie turd
10/2/2017Criminals will always have guns.
10/2/2017Leftist Troll - You always lose the argument - no facts
9/19/2017Agree with you on that post that's why motorcyclists crash an die
8/21/2017Michael Myers would never drink camel urine ya freak. And Muhamed ate sheeyat.
8/16/2017Go fuck yourself
6/14/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/14/2017You fucking twat Canuks should never be allowed to voice your opinions
6/8/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/5/2017Wow. How fucked up can one libtard be?
4/5/2017Why are you even here? Why bother?
3/20/2017That depression you probably feel, it's from hating the light instead of darkness.
3/18/2017Dumb ass
3/13/2017William Shatner should beat that mask off of your face, biyatch.
3/4/2017Islam is a dookey stain of hateful punks spread across time. And you're the odor that stain carries.
2/21/2017Aaaww. Somebody Satanic calls the truth propaganda without an argument. Muhamed was like you Satanist pig.
12/12/2016Derogetory comments designed to insight conflict
12/11/2016Why do you waste your life trolling? It must be pathetically boring to spend hours commenting on topics you have no interest or belief in. Pretty sad really. I feel sorry for you.
12/11/2016Another keyboard warrior tough guy? If you want to make an impression on this site, you should act like an adult. Your credibility = 0
12/11/2016You would not survive in a group of REAL Americans,YOU ARE a complete waste of human life!
11/12/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/12/2016Not very wise comparing a crime to a murder for pete's sake!
11/12/2016Hate speech
11/11/2016No one asked you, faggot
10/16/2016Suck a fat dick. Stupid Canuck
10/15/2016Some green for you
10/10/2016Scumbag dramacrat -
10/10/2016Libtard scum
9/15/2016Take your lib non-thinking away from here and learn some truth MORAN
9/12/2016Have some red you deplorable fuckstick, stupid Trump vids on Liveleak. Trump would beat your ass if he ever gave a shit what a Canadian thought.
9/12/2016Don't worry, we're not like the master your currently serve. We have been known to forgive. Just remember that. -BTF
9/4/2016Take your lib non-thinking away from here and learn some truth MORAN
9/4/2016For following liberalism propaganda lock-step.
8/31/2016Retard Red
8/27/2016You Can't Understand Nornal Thinking
8/27/2016Nothing like so good old American hatred. Keep it up
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