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Enchanted Wanderer's Karma

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11/26/2013Some green for you!!!
2/27/2012The world is fekked at the moment.. cp .. karma for you
10/17/2011Karma hugs :) NIN
10/4/2011I enjoy your perspective on the implications to child development. Thank you :)
10/4/2011Blame it on the rain - Milli Vanilli
10/4/2011Great thread and great knowledge thnx
10/1/2011Lol humanity does need to grow up! xo taralily
9/30/2011Don't worry EW, I know how you feel. It's ok. TBuckeye
9/30/2011For being an enchanting and kind person.
9/30/2011Ask and you shall receive! :)
9/30/2011Ask then receive, your welcome:)
9/30/2011Because you are loved! for the hater who may read, go somewhere else ! Mahala
9/30/2011Good karma for you Love & light for a Sister ~Me
9/30/2011Because i luv my aussie sister..tauranga
9/30/2011Sending positive Karma your way EW. ELQ
9/30/2011Good karma for you just because:) rev mikey
9/26/2011Spelled 'sentence' rong. Dum !
9/24/2011Excellent post, smart
9/24/2011Right on! If you're going to live in our country, you should assimilate our culture, not the other way around!
9/24/2011Next you'll melt from being judgemental. When someone writes a stupid headline, I'm not about to bother reading the rest of the story.
9/23/2011Lessons in Time Travel and Age for the Mathematically Challenged GLP Members
9/23/2011Someone with a functional brain. how refreshing! :)
9/18/2011Here is ont to offset ya Wanderer,,,, hitndahedfred
9/18/2011For posting about 2005 YU55 earlier :-) thanks
9/17/2011Back at u sister..tauranga
9/17/2011For posting about 2005 YU55 earlier--oh_yikes
9/16/2011What you said to nyte, i so agree!!!
9/15/2011You're ok
9/14/2011Thank you for the post about how to help NiN....:-) DZ
9/11/2011Zombie Apocalypses Do Happen!
9/5/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/29/2011Thoughtful Processing and Info
8/27/2011Informative,friendly,​funny and respectful poster
8/27/2011Karma kahlua
8/23/2011Great info :)
8/23/2011Gotta give you some plus karma for really bringing the Truth in Obe's thread !
8/23/2011EW has positive enegy flow in response to Turkeys comments
8/18/2011You need Jesus
8/16/2011Lol.. i like the answer?:)
8/15/2011Very nice person
8/13/2011We must wake the others... before it's too late.
8/12/2011Because :)

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