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the deplorable ar-15 nut's Karma

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2/11/2019So sorry for your loss
2/11/2019Sorry to hear your sad news-The Gent
2/11/2019I'm sorry for your Sis. Stay Well AR15 :cheers: -DeploraVision
2/11/2019I'm terribly sorry for your loss...your parents must be devastated.
2/9/2019Happy Saturday! ~ WyatteSmith
2/3/2019Abi~ strolled by
2/3/2019Deplorable green! bigD
2/3/2019Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
1/31/2019Rick in Largo...LOL, Billy Ringo
1/31/2019Yay! works again.. Spritzer
1/30/2019Blizzard Green ~ Evangelina
1/30/2019Hi AR-15! - Chaos Replicator
1/29/2019What ya ding cant ring.. no hand service
1/28/2019Fellow hermit. -theblessedone
1/25/2019Avatar yuk. love Miss Cleo
1/24/2019I like your style. ~ Renaissance Woman
1/23/2019Thank You ! From Tiger1.
1/22/2019A pissed off american veteran. Bare with me my keyboard is broke.
1/22/2019Lol chasity
1/21/20192019 green! God Bless ~ Cartel
1/20/2019Thank you! ~ WyatteSmith
1/19/2019For the Bugs Bunny Hillbilly Hoedown cartoon in the "Major Announcement" thread. Thanks! from Eggcellently Deplorable
1/12/2019From ralph--a house dog
1/11/2019Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
1/11/2019Classic Meme!
1/8/2019Thank you *adorable* ar-15. :) Sloane
1/8/2019Happy New YeAr Nut! [email protected]
1/8/2019Fellow animal lover green! Paranoiaaaaa
1/7/2019That is well deserved for such behaviour
1/7/2019Hydra shocks the right answer green from ravenfz
1/7/2019Monday greeenaddde incoming! - Bill Lumbergh
1/7/2019KipKat :)
1/6/2019Thanks for the advice and great comments. PMRP~
1/4/2019Just cuz
1/4/2019Green for my freind, Have a good weekend! ~ WyatteSmith
1/4/2019Bust a nut
1/2/2019Great GLPer! - NXavier
12/31/2018Happy New Year ! From Tiger1.
12/30/2018You're a cool guy for a nut :P - corosive
12/29/2018Green from chiko the burb!
12/28/2018Great for your helmet ~mypillow
12/27/2018Merry Christmas to a true, old-school GLP'er. - BillLumbergh
12/27/2018You made me buy Ovaltine on ebay that wos a mistake SAY SORRY.
12/26/2018Merry Christmas & Happy New Year - ElleMira
12/25/2018Donkey lips was here
12/25/2018Cool post
12/25/2018Merry Christmas
12/24/2018Merry Christmas :) abi~
12/23/2018Thank you and Merry Christmas!! Freckle Face
12/23/2018Reindeer shit lmao - EnD BLM
12/22/2018Funny AF! PMRP~
12/20/2018Hugs and love from nutmeg! Merry Christmas!
12/20/2018Merry Christmas AR nut!! WaitressSandwhich
12/20/2018Merry Christmas ! From Tiger1.
12/18/2018Merry Christmas and God Bless ~ Cartel
12/18/2018Have a great week! -MnB15
12/17/2018OvaltiNe 4 The WiN
12/17/2018Dude.. You cracking me up with your memes.Thx!
12/12/2018Hey doll....hugs and love from nutmeg!
12/11/2018This guy is clostest thing to thr "southpark internet guy" youll ever get
12/10/2018Happy Monday! -MnB15
12/10/2018Torchie nickers at you
12/9/2018For your threads ! From Tiger1.
12/7/2018Thinking of Lani Jane. Big hug, Sloane
12/6/2018Thanks for the Mandrake clip! GCLM
12/5/2018Not helpful
12/4/2018Green Hugs to a fellow animal lover- petpeeve
12/3/2018Happy Monday! -MnB15
12/2/2018Doesn't know the difference between your and you're.
12/1/2018Mystie Green Frum Dace =-)
11/28/2018For your threads ! From Tiger1.
11/27/2018We did not forget Love ya Merry Christmas GFG
11/26/20181941! god i love America!
11/25/2018Thanks for emdedding the video!
11/24/2018Green love. Deplorable Azila_Again
11/23/2018Green from marooned
11/23/2018Have a great weekend! -MnB15
11/22/2018Cheers for the laugh!! Taking one thing away from the world thread.. lol! Know.Thysellf
11/22/2018GLP Love~LilOle
11/19/2018Hey, doll! Hugs and love from nutmeg!
11/17/2018For your threads ! From Tiger1.
11/17/2018Happy Saturday! Indy Jones!
11/17/2018Muslim noose
11/15/2018Ty, sneaker
11/14/2018Abi~ stopped by..sorry I'm late :)
11/13/2018Green from marooned
11/13/2018Fellow veteran karma ~godsgreengrass~
11/11/2018Liberals wear those ugly ugly hairbuns.
11/10/2018See you tomorrow. balders
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