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2/25/2013Thanks for the weather report...cowgirlk
10/25/2012Stop killing our wildlife, dumbass redneck, you give white people a bad name
8/27/2012For luck <3 Tara :)
8/27/2012Sorry to hesar that..i was working 3 part time jobs 2 monts ago.. good luck gonviral
8/4/2012Hello! From Earth420
7/28/2012As above - pot poll
7/21/2012Fellow recluse--Hawgzilla
5/19/2012Priceless banner
5/10/2012Thanks for posting on my thread! D'Light
5/9/2012Thanks for the thread support! ...*from CrissCross
4/24/20124 everGreen - EleKtroN - was here :)
4/21/2012Good Luck Johnny Appleseed MPH2012
4/19/2012Its funny
4/16/2012Stay safe. - Moo!
4/15/2012For the chickens! - DPC
4/3/2012Posting teacher aide fb password story
3/17/2012He is drinkin with anothe GLP"er
3/17/2012Thanks for the GreenLove you gave me for the vegetarian jerky comment in your Preps thread. from Eggcellent
3/14/2012I love your sig!!!!
3/13/2012Your signiture
3/6/2012Suck nutts you fucking cunt
3/1/20121 dragunov
3/1/2012Karma for the new job. Faith
2/27/2012Congratulations on quitting your job! <3 Vision Thing
2/27/2012Good guy playing BAD, ;-)
2/25/2012Deez what?
2/2/2012Be Blessed! AwakenedInChrist
1/31/2012"Fur" ur pup ,, hehheh ,,,,hitndahedfred
1/29/2012We hardly agree on anything, but GL with the dog. TXG
1/29/2012You look like my current bf? Strange strange strange ~OmniVegan
1/26/2012For the advice in my airstream thread! thanks a bunch!
1/13/2012RP must be a pothead.
1/11/2012Glad I can make you laugh! :D - Too Dark Park
1/10/2012Rp 4 pres!
1/9/2012You love Beck, admit it
1/4/2012Green room LOVE ~ RebeccaLove RP 2012
1/3/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
1/1/2012First Thread of 2012, For The Motherfucking Winnnnn!!!!
1/1/2012First post of 2012 karma! ~Cocoa
1/1/2012Fuck u shill
12/27/2011Wing-ed Karma
12/25/2011Merry xmas Pat deez. -JIK
12/20/2011Thanks again for that pizza dude. Yeah, I finally signed up to GLP. I added you as a buddy on here. I hope you dont mind. You seem like a real cool dude. - Vulcan4
12/7/2011Lol green back at you and thanks! Welfare
11/28/2011For getting a tv so big you had to remove part of your house to get it inside....mroysterhea​d
11/28/2011Weekly Buddy Karma :) ~BlueMind
11/20/2011Weekly Green buddy! ~BlueMind
11/10/2011Buddy List Karma ~BlueMind
11/2/2011May JESUS richly bless you
11/2/2011More karma for the Pizza fairy, lol
11/1/2011So cool that you bought that Wisconsin AC a pizza - Vision Thing
11/1/2011God bless you for the amazing act of kindness for getting that guy a pizza. makes me so thankful for what I got. makes me think the world is not as fed up as I thought it was! U freaking rock !!! Boo
11/1/2011Ordering the guy a pizza
11/1/2011For being one of the good guys. InterMezzo
11/1/2011For the pizza. Good man.
11/1/2011Such a rare person who actually steps in to help another
11/1/2011For offering the guy a pizza...CowgirlK
11/1/2011You're awesome...
11/1/2011For helping someone in need. Thank you for being a genuine human!!!
10/31/2011Nice :)
10/31/2011For being such a wonderful, giving person. :) - Debauchery
10/31/2011You are an awesome person. I think I may ask you to marry me....lol
10/31/2011Wow. You are an inspiration! Thank you for helping that guy eat. I think I love you <3
10/31/2011You Rock!!! For Ordering a Pizza For a Stranger!
10/31/2011For Pizza..fubarman.
10/31/2011Good on ya, guy for helping the hungry. ~jefiner
10/31/2011Ordered a stranger a pizza! you rock - proskiracer
10/31/2011For being a good guy and helping out a hungry person.
10/31/2011For helping a person in need. ~Sandi
10/31/2011This guy is awesome he bought a pizza for someone hungry
10/31/2011Nice going. God will pay you back ten fold. AF xxx
10/31/2011For the pizza -- Borian
10/31/2011For helping out with the pizza~you are kind!dogmeat2112
10/31/2011For being kind
10/31/2011I was gonna buy that dude a pizza. Thanks for saving me some $. Cheers Bro
10/31/2011You have a good heart. kona
10/31/2011For offering to feed a stranger Geoduck
10/31/2011For buying the dude a pizza
10/16/2011Fuckin retard. Bet you wouldn't work in an iron lung.
10/12/2011The clapper
10/3/2011Blew my sister
9/28/2011Stoner karma
9/25/2011Go home arab
9/22/2011Thx for telling me about raccoons
9/19/2011I dont know why, but when I read you posts I always imagine you talkin with chewin tobacca in your mouth...
9/15/2011Go back to pakistan u retard
9/12/2011Karma for you....
9/9/2011Why the fuck do we have foreign countries lobbying our government? Is that not illegal or am I the only one that thinks its wrong. Nope from Ucdat
9/7/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
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