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patdeez84's Karma

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9/5/2011I ask you ,what do you care?
9/3/2011Cute kitty
9/2/2011Hey.. I got my load back! Zero Point
9/2/2011Hit the wrong button
9/2/2011For the reach-around
9/2/20111 from Sevak Muni
9/2/2011For trade
9/2/2011Cuz heretic
9/2/2011I Hook u up Mofo... Lost_one
8/30/2011Weak person, grow up
8/23/2011Good debunk
8/22/2011I bet no Jewish kids ever die right.
8/22/2011Good post
8/22/2011Mmmmm milk
8/22/2011Contributing to a spam thread
8/21/2011Mumble mumble the joos mumble
8/21/2011Stupid, illogical and irrational.
8/21/2011He is telling the truth.
8/21/2011Killing children to get at bad apples is NEVER RIGHT- so-karma points to you brother.
8/21/2011Feck israel
8/21/2011Plus for anti-Zionism
8/21/2011Doesnt care about karma
8/21/2011Zonism is a plague upong humanity
8/21/2011Anti-Semetic shill
8/21/2011Seek god while he can still be found
8/21/2011Mindless tool
8/20/2011Dumb dude
8/20/2011Love the smoke!!!!
8/19/2011For starting the official smoking thread
8/19/2011Because I got high.
8/19/2011Instant Karma's gonna get you...it's right behind you. lol.
8/18/2011Posted direct video link per my request.
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