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Nikola Tesla's Karma

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1/16/2014Great thread, thanks
1/16/2014Thank you for the post...ella
1/16/2014Good thread (all of them) =] Mercury11
1/15/2014Loved the happy people article, thanks!- snark
1/15/2014Thanksa for 15...good thread...Chas
1/15/2014Thx for AC current and a positive thread
1/15/2014Nice information. pool
1/15/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
1/15/2014Good stuff, Mr. T - /SV/
1/15/2014HApPy HaPpY HAPPY THREAD :-) laugh in the face of doom ...Uncle F#*k Stick
1/15/2014Ms Superduper
1/11/2014Ham radio :) astral G
1/10/2014Ben Schillen
1/9/2014Stay frosty! :D calx
1/7/2014For being sensible in the rand paul thread- Hawkesbay
1/5/2014Thank you so much
1/4/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
1/4/2014Great comparison!
1/4/2014Made me think...
1/4/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
1/1/2014Beeches from that crazy"'ban the box" thread.
1/1/2014Happy New Year - DoorBert
12/30/2013Covered the performance of all!! Party affliation simply does not matter at this point!
12/29/2013Hope you have a great new year! eekers
12/27/2013Thanks astral G
12/27/2013Merry Christmas! ~Piscesian Misesian
12/25/2013Thanks NT , GT500
12/25/2013Merry Christmas... Saddletramp
12/25/2013Thanks Tesla, Best Wishes to you during the holidays--Hardwired.
12/24/2013Christmas Green from BioReaper :D
12/22/2013Great posts! Ben Schillen
12/22/2013Yes Christmas love in NM! :) Best thoughts, Sloane
12/22/2013Thank you sir! :D calx
12/20/2013Merry Christmas, Sir :) - Eireann~
12/18/2013Drive-by green from R.P. McMurphy
12/16/2013Uncle fuck stick :-)
12/16/2013COnsistent excellence - Rogue Messenger
12/16/2013Hope your spirit is up , GT500
12/16/2013Green Greetings from NoDhimmi
12/13/2013You have class! rock on! bigD111
12/13/2013Thanks for the "X" comparisons. Fascinating! Ms.Supdup
12/9/2013Great post karma from gonviral
12/9/2013Always great to see NT , GT500
12/8/2013Got teeth? LMAO
12/3/2013Green Christmas Sprinkles from WeAreOne :)
11/30/2013I'm still around , GT500
11/29/2013Hope you are having a great Thanksgiving weekend! Paige :)
11/28/2013Agreed wholeheartedly!
11/28/2013True, jedi
11/25/2013WeAreOne passing through to say a hearty hello :)
11/20/2013Brief :)
11/19/2013Dental plan pic, lol!! Laura Bow
11/19/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
11/18/2013Uncle fuck stick booger return program
11/17/2013Sunday Night Karma Fer Nuthin And Chics For Free... Saddletramp
11/16/2013WeAreOne passing through :)
11/14/2013Completely humbled!
11/10/2013You're a truth parsing machine! Rhombus
10/30/2013WeAreOne passing through :)
10/26/2013Perfect explanation!
10/21/2013Green Vibes from No Dhimmi
10/19/2013Thanks my friend, completely humbled
10/17/2013Its green :-) its sticky :-\ and uncle fuck stick just wiped one on you ;-Q...
10/16/2013WeAreOne passing through...
10/16/20131 from Ben Schillen
9/30/2013"Get ready because it is going to be a rough ride." ~~LT Prepper
9/19/2013Green is good...waitn4end
9/19/2013Cheers buddy! :D calx
9/18/2013Thanks for your input! Rhombus
9/16/2013Cheers nah :)
9/15/2013Yep. It's all about the petro dollar! ~interested_1
9/11/2013Excellent idea!
9/10/2013Uncle Fuck Stick
9/10/2013Mmmmmmmmmm chocolate...waitn4end​
9/9/2013Gun safe karma!....indiandave
9/9/2013Good post thanks -Steamrolled
9/2/2013For your insightful and factual comments on the minimum wage thread - here a green thumb back :-) Waterlily
8/31/2013Total rockstar - Comedian
8/26/2013For sharing your food storage tips :D --KarinZa
8/20/2013Thanks for the green - abhie
8/18/2013For the doom! Tks. Vic-chick13
8/18/2013I still think it is the scientists and philosophers that should be in Congress and not the lawyers. - Eireann~
8/17/2013Very good info
8/11/2013Hello Nik! Happy green your way :) Sloane
8/6/2013Thanks for contributing to my thread. Ben Schillen
8/1/2013Tesla was a Stud!!!! 4thhorseman..
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