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Love Joy's Karma

Total: 35 (32  User Votes + 3  Threads Pinned) and 3

12/19/2014Winter green from auto
9/13/2014Green for your safe return to glp from auto
9/1/2014Green from auto, come back soon
8/3/2014Green thumbs from auto
7/16/2014A midsummer nights green from auto
7/5/2014Hugs from auto
6/14/2014Here's some green for you Love Joy, welcome back, auto
5/17/2014Some green from auto
5/1/2014Green for my friends from auto
4/21/2014Friendly green from auto
4/12/2014Friendly green from auto
4/3/2014Right back at you Love Joy, hugs, auto
4/1/2014Green for the fresh mango and pineapple ; )
3/26/2014Some green for you Love Joy take care automaton
3/18/2014Some green for you friend, automaton
3/10/2014Green for your caring thread. Nice to have people like you posting here :) - Sinclair
3/8/2014Green for my friend automaton
3/1/2014I like you=Pooch
2/28/2014I have a green thumb and now so do you :) automaton
2/15/2014You deserve love thx for your Valentine post
2/15/2014Love tard
2/15/2014A soul on fire is beautiful, as you are
2/13/2014Yeah, love. pool
2/13/2014Spreadin' da loveeeee.
2/13/2014Love- seer
2/13/2014Nice thread
2/13/2014It is time.
2/13/2014Deceptive words.
2/13/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
2/13/2014Much love <3
2/13/2014Love and Joy
2/9/2014Blessings and love :) paler
2/8/2014For the fire of love!
2/8/2014Lovely, especially to a fire sign, automaton
2/8/2014With love and joy, you matter 141

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