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johnlear's Karma

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7/31/2017Karma roLL .C.C
9/30/2016Karma roLL .C.C
5/18/2016Karma roLL .C.C
8/16/2015Karma roLL .C.C
1/16/2015Karma roLL ...C.C
12/18/2014Happy Holidays ...C.C
11/10/2014Hi JOhn--UseLessRepEATER​
8/16/2014Karma RoLL ....C.C
8/8/2014Karma roLL ....C.C great job
7/24/2014For the truth
7/23/2014People really do like you - SpaceCommand
6/21/2014Watching your video's - KillberB
3/30/2014Keep it up John! MattieD!!!
3/25/2014Still incapable of using the quote button I see.
3/24/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/7/2014Glad to see your back, MONSTER
3/2/2014Lots of love to you John! Lost Angel
3/2/2014Thank you for coming on to discuss -astral goat
1/10/2014He is a honest truth seeker.
11/22/2013Because John doesn't bite ;)
11/13/2013Good to see you back Johnnie! - BHD
5/29/2013Happiness to be reading Your posts again... - Imajicatus
5/28/2013For The Truth
4/6/2013For consistency
3/31/2013Been awhile ,MONSTER
3/15/2013John speaks the truth
3/9/2013Thanks for your reply and Best Wishes Space
3/4/2013Thanks for your input, scribbler!
2/19/2013Thanks for your vision
2/4/2013I am seriously considering buying an official John Lear tin foil hat. Message me at Doom Serenity.
1/23/2013Thanks John - rickster58
1/14/2013This man speaks the truth.
12/14/2012Agree with you about the Christ myth. Thanks for being honest in the face of criticism.
11/15/2012Honesty and integrity
10/26/2012Its John Lear for christ sake no explanation required!
10/13/2012Green for being on here and helping spread the truth,MONSTER
10/6/2012Missed you on here. Thanks for sharing with us- acegotflows
9/25/2012Legitimate John lear :)
9/14/2012Willingness to share information
9/2/2012His frankness.
8/9/2012Always love your posts. Take care Mr. Lear- acegotflows
7/30/2012Mind is open and thinking way differently. you have helped the process-acegotflows
7/28/2012He is nice to mean people!
7/22/2012Thanks for your thoughtful answer-geminilion
7/22/20123rd installment towards a Solar System guided tour... Imajicatus
7/20/2012I always enjoy reading what you have to write about having integrity and how to live. Please keep it up.
7/5/2012Thanks for opening so many eyes to reality!
6/29/2012Banned for nothing but can still give karma- acegotflows
6/29/2012Second installment for a guided tour around the solar system... Imajicatus
6/14/2012ATA all the way! ATA another tired american!... Clear on 1
6/14/2012He said I wrote a perfect description of Hoagland
6/11/2012Raising a drink to a legend!
6/9/2012A down payment towards a future guided tour of the Universe...
5/27/2012Thanks for the posts- acegotflows
5/26/2012Like your new pic, MONSTER
5/16/2012Thought provoking insite!
5/13/2012Always inspiring posts- acegotflows
5/11/2012Thanks for Your information about things - DRAGOON
5/3/2012Always a good read, all the best - acegotflows
4/29/2012Because you're just so damn cool! I've always wanted to meet you. Hopefully someday I will! Stand strong against the trolls and shills. There are those of us who are listening to you. ;
4/28/2012Ehecatl, for your stories that resonate.
4/24/2012Always a good read John- acegoflows
4/16/2012John you are the best- acegotflows
4/13/2012We have the same interests on certain subjects.John has way with words that I find fascinating and funny.
4/3/2012Always a good read and great info. . . . acegotflows
4/2/2012Plus 1 karma for valuing INTEGRITY - ANHEDONIC
4/2/2012Hope your real like people do me! <3 -CharlieMurphy
3/8/2012Because John Lear is my favorite ufoligist of all time! His theorys are spot on and they intrigue my mind beyond belief and thats a good thing! thx
2/23/2012Thanks for everything- acegotflows
2/10/2012Excellent summary!!
1/19/2012John thank you for answering all of our questions and sharing - acegotflows
1/19/2012Ignore the haters, mate!
1/15/2012Lots of good information, some of which I've heard from other credible sources.
1/12/2012Thank you Mr. Lear, I very much enjoy your comments. I ESPECIALLY like that you remind everyone it's all about the LOVE!! Many blessings to you and your family.. (:-DeeZe
1/10/2012Just cause, Joker
1/9/2012He's very honest and humble
1/6/2012Your info brightens my day- acegotflows
12/28/2011Ron Paul 2012 !!! :) ~GG
12/26/2011Always a good read- acegotflows
12/13/2011You always brighten my day- acegotflows
12/12/2011Green karma for u..Angel eyes..
12/2/2011That letter to god was great- acegotflows
11/28/2011V :)
11/28/2011I like his posts
11/25/2011He sounds very sincere and does not try to merchandise his opinion
11/25/2011I love this thread. John Lear you are great- acegotflows
11/25/2011Ask me a question
11/24/2011Howdy John, ....Frisco Silver
11/21/2011Just because.
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