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XP...'s Karma

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12/29/2011Change thay ugly ass picture, stop taking science lessons from your special ed nephew. btw lmfao should not be in every sentence you type you sound like a tard
12/25/2011Merry Xmas - DoorBert
11/10/2011Buddy List Karma ~BlueMind
11/2/2011You have too much green so you need some red for being a sleazy asshole!
11/1/2011For being an inexplicable asshole.
10/28/2011For defending right to protest - true patriot
10/27/2011Sic em
10/26/2011Awesome Nugent thread!! Sleeping Giant
10/22/2011The Ted Nugent thread! - WalkersEverywhere
10/22/2011Gotta love ted -- mistersplinter
10/18/2011Xp dickweed
10/18/2011Reported Abusive Post
10/15/2011Keep up the good fight but easy with your mad max mobile:) doodlebug
10/13/2011First shot in the karma war. sorry it had to be you, son, but someone has to go first...and you're kinda a douche. no major loss.
10/13/2011Lol for missing mayan karma
10/11/2011Misssweetpea karma
10/10/2011For offering to privately help the lady with a stalker. You are good man & secure enough in who you are to not attack the efforts & advice of the other posters who were sincere. ~ Jane Smith
10/10/2011Reported Abusive Post
10/8/2011Reported Copyright Violation
10/8/2011Reported Abusive Post
10/8/2011Reported Copyright Violation
10/7/2011Reported Copyright Violation
10/7/2011Reported Abusive Post
10/7/2011Reported Copyright Violation
10/4/2011Too dumb to know what year it is
10/3/2011Because i felt like it. your posts suck in general
10/1/2011Yeah, bite the hand that feeds you leech
10/1/2011Misssweetpea karma
9/30/2011Heres your terror douche - a fellow veteran
9/29/2011You first.
9/28/2011More karmA for those who ask!
9/28/2011Waiting with your Tin Hat! - Voo Doo
9/28/2011Keep up the great work!!
9/27/2011THE Truth
9/22/2011Wish I could hang with you when the SHTF. RayGun
9/21/2011You know why
9/21/2011Thanks for support - DoorBert
9/17/2011Reported Abusive Post
9/17/2011Reported Abusive Post
9/17/2011Right back at ya!
9/16/2011Good humor, lol-48N
9/16/2011Very funny. good post!
9/16/2011For your alert:Obama post! From: wait....what? Funny!
9/16/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/16/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/11/2011Misssweetpea karma
9/9/2011Thanks for warning :)
9/9/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/4/2011Misssweetpea karma
9/3/2011Constant name calling. Very Juvenile.
8/27/2011Pussy alarmist
8/19/2011You need more green
8/17/2011XP, I enjoy your posts on NiNs solar thread and others. +1 fellow Texan..stay cool!
8/14/2011Common sense

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