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Keep On Truckin's Karma

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8/23/2021Fast Acting Response Team. Thanks, Terces
8/23/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
8/17/2021MAMA!!!! I thought it had to be you!!! TB
12/28/2015Think about you so much. Hope you're not being flooded. Hugs to you, Mama. Nine's
11/10/2015The critters and I sure do miss you! Love you Mama! 8)
9/26/2015T~ love xxxx
9/18/2015T~ love xxx
9/11/2015Big love from ~T~ xxx
7/30/2015Karma Hug xox - EW
6/28/2015MAMA!! So excited and happy to hear from you!
3/18/2014Lots and lots of love from ~T~ xxx
3/6/2014Hiya my dear sis xxx
2/27/2014Hiya my dear friend, lots of love from ~T~ xxx
2/18/2014Hope all is well in your world, lots of love from ~T~ xxx
2/5/2014Lots of love from ~T~ xxx
1/26/2014Thinking of you and yours, love from ~T~ xxx
1/18/2014Lots of love to a wonderful kind person, from ~T~ xxx
1/8/2014Best wishes for 2014 love from ~T~ xxx
1/6/2014Hey mama, miss ya at the FOG! - Mercury11
12/18/2013Merry Xmas Mama- Nerd
12/15/2013Karma catch-up. mtn mang
12/10/2013Lots of love from ~T~ xxx
12/3/2013Green hug for you from ~T~ xxx
11/28/2013Happy thanksgiving old guard
11/25/2013Thanksgiving hug from ~T~ xxx
11/21/2013Much LOve AKO
11/16/2013Big hugs to you dear mama, love from ~T~ xxx
11/15/2013So nice to see you Mama, Isis One
11/15/2013Mtn mang!
11/13/2013Peace Mama- LOve- Nerd
11/7/2013Big hugs sweet sister..from ~T~
11/5/2013Hope you're ok. I miss talking to you. TB
10/26/2013Peace- Nerd
10/21/2013Karma Hugs with lots of love :) AKO
9/4/2013Hump Day Green! ~Vesper33~
8/31/2013Forgot about the karma thing so I am overdue in passing some out. Flav
8/26/2013Hugs for you and Big Bear...and of course the rest of the family. 8)
8/26/2013Hang in there! old guard
8/24/2013For being so sweet. SkinnyChic
8/16/2013Catvatar points lol - Mercury11
8/16/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
8/15/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
8/15/2013For looking after loved ones-SOT
8/15/2013Thank you for posting this and for protecting pets! Hugs!
8/14/2013Bless your dear sweet heart. I'm the lucky one. 8)
8/14/2013Karma Hump Day! :) AKO
8/14/2013Best to you, Mama old guard
8/12/2013LOVE your comments & Energy! - Reinvigorated Being
8/11/2013Hi Mama, How ya doin? Isis One
8/9/2013Hugs - whiteangel
8/6/2013Hi ,MAMA... I hope all is well with you,Much Love & Respect...dettro
8/6/2013Thanks for the pole-flip news! Great job, my dear.-hugh
8/4/2013Sunday Green! ~Vesper33~
8/1/2013Karma time! mtn mang
7/30/2013Hiya Mama Hope all is well. :) Isis7
7/25/2013For the best Mama ever. Thank you, from Big Bear.
7/24/2013Happy wednesday old guard
7/23/2013SpiderJones was here!
7/22/2013Good green, mtn mang!
7/22/2013Sunday Green!! ~Vesper33~
7/21/2013God Bless - whiteangel
7/15/2013GREEN!!!! :) -Acula
7/15/2013Bestest Mama Ever!
7/14/2013Steal this karma!-SpiderJones
7/14/2013Karma Hugs with Love :) AKO
7/11/2013Karma time! mtn mang
7/9/2013Are you surviving summer vacation!?! TB
7/9/2013For friendship. Southern OR
7/8/2013Hi Mama, little solar karma for ya, Isis One
7/4/2013Hi there!-SpiderJones
7/1/2013Monday Green!!! Lol. ~Vesper33~
6/29/2013Thinking of you, missing you, and know you're being the best mama ever!
6/29/2013Mtn mang!
6/29/2013Karma Hugs. Much Love Always. Thanks for posting the news. :) AKO
6/25/2013Hope all is well. TB
6/24/2013Just because....old guard
6/21/2013I hope to catch up with you soon. Southern OR
6/20/2013Karma Hugs Much Love:) AKO
6/20/2013Great methane seeps article Mama, Isis One
6/19/2013Karma back at ya-SpiderJones
6/18/2013Always thinking of you Mama. Big hug. 8)
6/15/2013Karma police! - thowni
6/15/2013Some green from ladyjusa
6/15/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
6/15/2013Nice work! GT500
6/14/2013Karma time! mtn mang
6/5/2013Okay!--Love Eazy D
6/5/2013Hey MAMA,:hugs: ...much love and respect ...peace...dettro
6/3/2013Green Day!-SpiderJones
6/1/2013Stay safe old guard
5/31/2013Backatcha! mtn mang
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