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Gnostic Warrior's Karma

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2/6/2012From truthwillsetyoufreeag​ain - you need some green
2/3/2012From Uncle Mikey!
1/30/2012For you Friend
1/29/2012Rump Ranger.
1/26/2012High five! ~Daikirai
1/20/2012Fuck you censorship loving bitch.
1/20/2012Dude. You are too stupid for your own good. Get offline and go get a life.
1/19/2012From Uncle Mikey!
1/12/2012In the top 3 of biggest faggots on GLP in 5 years.
1/12/2012New World Order Asslicker
1/12/2012Apologies, The hand is always extended--Dionysian
1/12/2012Lmao holy crap! What a delusional wanker
1/12/2012From Apollo
1/12/2012Get over yourself asshole
1/12/2012Tiny dick syndrome
1/12/2012Hahaha, the enemy of my enemy ~Kharn
1/12/2012Karma for my Brother who needs it... - Shodan99VR4
1/8/2012You're so full of crap. Simply.
1/7/2012Masonic satanist, not Levi priest of God thanks
1/5/2012Yes have some more green- LonghairKing
1/5/2012Wow. Never thought Id give U green. But TooGoodAPosT. Dogmoral
1/5/2012You were right!!
1/5/2012Great story and follow up thread; more people need to pay attention to this. +1 Karma to you KT..BBQ Guy
1/5/2012You called it bro....Chop's
1/5/2012You think Bush Jr was the first to deviate from the Constitution??? Lincoln did more than any other pres, ignoramus!
1/5/2012Good thread on Ben Bernanke Rental Scheme - Nobleone
1/5/2012Good thread about Bernanke but hold off with the prediction stuff. No need, the artical was enough.
1/5/2012Bernanke rental scheme thread
1/5/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
1/4/2012Loony communist...
1/4/2012Hopefully we can meet and I can punch you in your fucking teeth old man.
1/4/2012I'm not your brother, bitch.
1/4/2012NWO Cocksucker.... Have a nice day!
1/4/2012What a jerk
1/4/2012This guy is in permanent full on retard mode!!!! Ouch! It must burn!
1/4/2012Clique mindset
12/31/2011I hope your not collecting red: brian8888
12/29/2011Uncommon sense, you have. LonghairKing
12/29/2011Good post
12/29/2011Youre an idiot
12/29/2011BBQ Picnic and Volleyball Tournament:LOL_IRQ_1
12/29/2011Organized religion - load of crap
12/29/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/29/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/23/2011You're going down below for sure.
12/23/2011Fuck you and your new world order.
12/23/2011You are deceived by the adversary of souls himself. You are worshiping the very one who has caused EVERY SINGLE DEATH and tragedy on this planet. Turn from this path or your end will be destruction.
12/22/2011From Apollo
12/22/2011What the fuck are you doing telling that twat re summoning demons!!!
12/21/2011A plus for your post. Thanks, a student of Protean thought.
12/19/2011Reported Abusive Post
12/16/2011YOu are the emply headed liberal Joe rules!
12/15/2011Bloodline of jerk offs
12/15/2011He wasn't out of control
12/15/2011For your astue understanding of the situation
12/15/2011Excellent insights and well put! mehitable
12/15/2011For the music lyrics. pool.
12/15/2011I dont even wanna explain
12/14/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/13/2011Sees The Truth in Innervoice222
12/13/2011Simply b/c- dionysian full
12/13/2011V :)
12/13/2011Relax. It is okay. -- I.V.
12/13/2011Stupid piece of shit
12/13/2011Thanks - DoorBert
12/13/2011Good post
12/12/2011Yo ma Yo boi, I tink eminem is da bess rappa. He be spitin dat hawt fi'yah!
12/12/2011Idiot religious zealot w/o a clue!!
12/7/2011A certified jerk off.
12/4/2011Here is your red thumb
12/2/2011You speak truths my friend.
12/1/2011Lots bad karma says ur a satanist. i think that just makes you interesting. ~Kharn
12/1/2011Excellent video to post by Kennedy Jr. speaking out against vaccines. :) 28m
10/27/2011Nwo Asslicker
10/14/2011Here's your fair share of karma
10/13/2011For attempting to derail an informative thread with drivel
10/13/2011This is for being a twat-waffle!
10/13/2011Because you lack a brain
10/13/2011Gov paid shill, spews disinformation about history. Fuck off and get a life, Bitch Beda....
10/11/2011Taste the rainbow - skittles
10/11/2011Apollo Illuminaughty Cawk Suker
10/11/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/9/2011Satan worshipper. Lucifer = Satan. Get over it.
10/6/2011Thank you. a great video
10/6/2011From Uncle Mikey: Thanks for the videos and info!
10/5/2011I dig the Word Up T - DarkZen
10/5/2011Because you try and don't give up
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