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Gnostic Warrior's Karma

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10/5/2011Ass-kissing fool!
10/4/2011Love Blue Skies
10/4/2011Something smells...oh, its just sickscent
10/4/2011From Apollo Illuminaughty
10/4/2011For walking the same path my Brother.
10/1/2011Americans are suffering and obama is tossing money to muslims while countless jobless people suffer in obamavilles.
10/1/2011For you
10/1/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/1/2011Don't know why you have negative karma but I'm not adding to it. Godzilla85
10/1/2011Totally insane satanic lunatic professes to be christian but worships lucifer
10/1/2011You have been added to the Watch List. Don't beieve me? Go to an airport or other travel depot.
10/1/2011Hateful threatening posts. Get help!
10/1/2011We are watching you...Fubarman...
10/1/2011Let's put your ass on a watchlist, Nazi - WalkersEverywhere
10/1/2011I need of Karma. :) Necronomocon
9/30/2011Good points
9/30/2011Know it all, douchebag, no such thing as polite conversation with this one
9/30/2011Reported Abusive Post
9/29/2011Reported Abusive Post
9/29/2011You need karma.... CyBerndt
9/29/2011You need some good karma
9/29/2011Good talk m8
9/29/2011Semper Fi Do or Die
9/28/2011For being a neocon zionist and enemy of mankind
9/28/2011For balance. orbz
9/28/2011Yeah, fawking animal
9/28/2011Stop being a tit. you are trying to act with a rod of iron but you just do not cut it.
9/28/2011But you still come to Zero Hedge threads and complain about it. Get over yourself man, just don't come if you don't like...
9/28/2011Biggest window licker here
9/28/2011Dumb spastic
9/27/2011You made me lol - itai
9/26/2011Blue Skies was here
9/25/2011From Apollo Illuminaughty
9/25/2011Misguided and blinded by false propoganda
9/25/2011False teachings
9/25/2011Satan has fooled you so bad. Turn to Jesus before it's too late!
9/25/2011Satan humper
9/25/2011Dude...read the Bible!
9/25/2011Worthless information
9/25/2011You're going to hell buddy you were tricked by satan.
9/25/2011The other guy misspelled it. it's DA DEBOL. duh.
9/25/2011Lucifer is de DEBIL!
9/25/2011Satanic liar
9/25/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/25/2011NWO Satanist! Obvious shill!
9/24/2011Quit spreading hate!
9/24/2011As mad and as evil as Hitler - this is a very dangerous man
9/23/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/23/2011What a lame ass
9/23/2011Stop whining
9/23/2011I agree about Lisa Lisa. I put her on ignore a long time ago. Ha Ha
9/23/2011Personal attacks threads are not cool dude. you suck big time, i really hope you can get a life.
9/23/2011Targeting glp member through call out thread.
9/23/2011Thread offers nothing specific for discussion, opinion and fact finding. Basically a crybaby exercise.
9/23/2011Call out threads are lame. Lisa Lisa thread.
9/23/2011Leave LisaLisa alone!
9/23/2011Booh! Hsss!
9/23/2011NWO Satanist
9/21/2011Excellent video message. Peter ( Schiff ) , ( Ron ) Paul, and
9/20/2011To my old enemy, but friend. Good answer! tfho
9/19/2011For having the courage of your convictions and doing what you feel is correct. CONGRATULATIONS! OP2
9/18/2011You are not alone...
9/18/2011Have some green marine, nohandle
9/18/2011You wannabe illuminati idiots are a hillarious joke!! Nothing but another nobody is all you are, but delusional on top of it!
9/18/2011Overuse of "'Tis"...Pretentious posing extraordinaire.
9/17/2011They have meds for this! Get some.
9/17/2011You should be in the green.
9/17/2011Perthetic wigger boy
9/16/2011For courage
9/16/2011Good post - the christards will give you bad karma, so I'll give you some good - and I'm Christian - lol
9/16/2011Best Wishes...TG4T
9/16/2011Making a difficut but right choice.
9/16/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/16/2011Because you sound sincere.
9/14/2011Sorry about your karma,
9/14/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/13/2011Liar and Idiot
9/13/2011Awesome, HilosPP
9/12/2011For being stark raving mad
9/12/2011Messianic complex. Get help, turn to God
9/12/2011A complete douche-nozzle - SWT
9/11/2011Thank you for your kind words. I always try to treat people how I would like to be treated-Blue Skies
9/11/2011Same old egotistical bs
9/10/2011He's a bully
9/9/2011For Bravery!!!
9/9/2011This is for making yourself into something you consider "romantic" - you really need to do some work on yourself.
9/8/2011Very, very egotistical and self-centered
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