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Gnostic Warrior's Karma

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9/8/2011Go scratch your bawlz...
9/8/2011Interesting cross,I talk with Lord Re-al.rider
9/8/2011For being an insane, narcisstic, retard
9/8/2011This guy's a mental case--another Jesus
9/8/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/8/2011Sex and abuse of children is bad
9/7/2011Choose your words better ; ) guess who
9/7/2011Too Dark Park - Karma for you. Fuck all the haters!
9/7/2011Disallusioned lost soul
9/7/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/7/2011Sorry most people here are retarded. You're right about Lucifer to some extent. Simultaneous_Final
9/7/2011You can't be all bad...lol
9/7/2011STFU please!
9/7/2011You must be very lonely in life, i feel very sorry for you! no i pitty you.
9/6/2011Arrogant, Rude, Abusive, Narcissistic, Boastful, Intolerant of others, Delusions of Grandeur Luciferian NWO promoter
9/6/2011Satan worshipper
9/6/2011You've given your soul away. May God have mercy on you.
9/6/2011Vile...Don't mislead. Youll be damned.
9/6/2011Very nice "Licifer is our lord" from Ballchinian. Now tell me how to make fine videos like this. What program does a person use to make these?
9/6/2011An interesting thread
9/6/2011Tching no wa
9/6/2011You need some good karma for your views on Lucifer
9/6/2011Scamming spammer
9/6/2011Bro Beda said so
9/6/2011False information
9/6/2011For advertising Lucifer
9/6/2011You will rot in darkness with your savior the evil satan the morning star that actually hates you.
9/6/2011Satanic advertisement is spiritualy filthy.
9/6/2011For shitting on a good thread.
9/6/2011Liar And Deciever!
9/2/2011Satan's servant
9/2/2011From Apollo Illuminaughty
9/1/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/1/2011For being a mason and promoting its filth
9/1/2011Interesting videos, However, I do not agree with all of the content -The Way of Enoch
8/31/2011Cool video .... cibrell
8/29/2011In defense of the dragon, he offended it.
8/28/2011Sucks the NWO cock
8/28/2011Arrogant, Rude, Abusive, Narcissistic, Boastful, Intolerant of others, Delusions of Grandeur Luciferian NWO promoter
8/24/2011Enlightened, special friend
8/23/2011ApoclaypseWars...than​ks for stopping in with an Amen! Way to rock your avatar, warrior!
8/23/2011Helpfull advise
8/22/2011Luciferian NWO promoter
8/22/2011Reported Abusive Post
8/21/2011I like reading your posts - pass the Karma - Bink
8/20/2011Even though we argued, we eventually found common ground
8/20/2011Here's to: revolution without the bombs & guns.
8/14/2011Arrogant, Rude, Abusive, Narcissistic, Boastful, Intolerant of others, Delusions of Grandeur the list is endless....
8/13/2011I completely agree and think they are "fawking" "judges"-glad to see more calling it out!!!
8/12/2011Displaying an example karma in real life; )
8/12/2011Good informative thread. (kids for cash)
8/12/2011Good karma for the posting this thread. People need to know this!
8/12/2011Hes not a dumbass
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