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Awakened's Karma

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1/21/2014Why so much red, seriously?
12/14/2013I like what you say
6/2/2013It's liberal, goody two shoes men like you who will bring about the end of white people.
4/17/20131 for speaking truth about arguing from ignorance.
10/10/2011Good point !
10/8/2011Keep your change, fuckwad.
10/8/2011Voting is a joke. +1
10/2/2011For comment on hell thread
9/30/2011What the believer believes the prover proves.
9/26/2011Preaching atheism
9/26/2011Shut up!
9/26/2011So correct about troops and laying down their weapons. Buford2
9/25/2011What a fucking SHILL!
9/23/2011Exporting you some death. thanks for makjng it enjoyable! :hf:
9/23/2011Even tho your junk is miniscule. the goats still don;t like being sodomized
9/22/2011This is the start of bestiality that the gay haters warned us about. Lock up your pets.
9/22/2011Stfu Fuckface
9/22/2011Goat sucker.
9/19/2011Now you got one
9/18/2011Youre a dumb shill faggot
9/18/2011Be of good cheer! Your positive post earned you this good karma xoxo
9/17/2011Good thinking~ Barbie Chaos
9/17/2011Positive for knowing about Wattles, and Haanel. Tfho
9/16/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/15/2011Listen, you INSIPID and DECREPIT bag of vomitous, gelatinous hershey flow: The problem is WHAT he is reading, not that he reads. What a fucking idiot. I wish there was attackwatch for smart people.
9/15/2011For the bs
9/14/2011Because you are right.
9/12/2011I never understand why people get somean towards someone just because they have a diff political idea heres a thumbs up from a conservative
9/11/2011Eat shit, dickstain
9/8/2011Pointlessly pretentious
9/7/2011Because you are clueless about Fukushima
9/6/2011You're kidding yourself if you believe you're awakened. You're a fool, the blind leading the blind, a deceiver, and a moron. You don't even rate as a 'moran'
9/6/2011Fuckyou , iff you gave me that , eat this cunt
9/5/2011Do yo just say things to piss people off? Grow up.
9/3/2011Go back to sleep already....and take your fucked up ideology with ya! :)
9/2/2011Being a prick
9/2/2011Ignorant. what did you wake up from? a nap?
9/2/2011Good karma for a voice of intelligence
9/2/2011You are a fucking idiot - you think they would tell you?
9/2/2011Total fucking retard Jihadist.
9/2/2011Warning! Shill ahead.
8/31/2011Awakened? maybe you should go back to sleep.
8/31/2011Truth about military. but lots of brown people doing the murdering, too.
8/30/2011It's passed your bedtime.
8/29/2011TEPCO shill
8/26/2011I am giving all my friends good Karma!
8/25/2011I happen to agree with you
8/25/2011You are too low on carma. take this. take part in the rKE regular karma exchange thread. thanks for your participation.
8/24/2011Cause you contributed to my thread, you made a good point, and you were in the red.
8/24/2011For being a dickhead
8/23/2011Great Answer!
8/22/2011No Respect for the elderly.
8/21/2011This person seems to have no appreciation for what his forefathers did for him..
8/21/2011Genocidal idiot with no respect for the elderly. You'll be elderly before you know it Moron.
8/21/2011For calling the elderly parasites
8/21/2011"fukushima didnt happen" yeah ok buddy
8/20/2011He sucks
8/20/2011Bad avatar, stupid post
8/20/2011Shilling some more
8/15/2011Fine fine fine
8/14/2011For not offering more information with negative posts about Ron Paul
8/14/2011Knows squat about vegetation and radiation effects. Gigantism
8/14/2011Denigrating and clearly ignorant by admission-What is a Geiger counter?
8/14/2011Op makes some silly claIMS - IS OBVIOUSLY A SHIT STIRER
8/14/2011Does not care about radioactivity at Fukushima
8/14/2011Demonstrating extreme ignorance/belittling atrocities
8/14/2011You are irrelevant
8/13/2011Idiot.... nough said
8/12/2011RP hater!
8/12/2011Harsh but fair.
8/12/2011Has absolutely NO CLUE what islam really is.
8/12/2011Awakened must be asleep

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