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General Troll, US Shillitary's Karma

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11/9/2012Good to see you posting - wonk
11/7/2012Bring it on! Tard :)
11/6/2012Green time :) =^..^= Girl Genius
11/5/2012Good Karma because you were sweet ralier today.
11/5/2012Moron. F Gary Johnson, obama, AND you!
11/5/2012Douchebag extraordinaire.
11/5/2012DUDE - Get a grip.... Karma whore!
11/5/2012Seriously epic douchebag. Part Deux.
11/5/2012Have another, dumbfuck. now vote for O 3 times. LOL
11/5/2012Romney -- Super Bowl Dave
11/5/2012Vote for Gary Johnson - Factual Error
11/5/2012Who's an epic douchebag then....
11/5/2012Thank you for the karma, General! Your thread about fires starting in NJ/NYC is very important. from Eggcellent
11/3/2012For posting on my thread... person445
10/30/2012For upgrade ar15-nut btw welcome back
8/6/2012Great picture. Fits the topic.
5/12/2012Does it make you feel better to accuse others of your plight in life simply because they stand up for their beliefs and reject yours small-minded thinking on your part.
3/10/2012Great name. Go Bears
3/1/2012G'day MR2
1/31/2012You have much to learn
1/28/2012Gracias...TXG :)
1/25/2012Hi General! Jane Smith
1/22/2012Have some karma....because it's better than giving you more snow to shovel. Regards - TVIYH
1/19/2012Beast karma
1/13/2012Thx for karma...snarky
1/12/2012Karma airdrop ~~CF~~
1/11/2012Screw the paulbots - T.D.
1/10/2012Karma time MR2
12/31/2011Some karma for my friend and neighbor. May you and yours have an awesome new year. Regards - TVIYH
12/28/2011Ron Paul 2012 !!! :) ~GG
12/23/2011Reported Abusive Post
12/21/2011Drive by green!- STT
12/20/2011Sharing the green :D *aiyanna
12/14/2011Greetings to you, my friend. Good to see you here again. Regards - TVIYH
12/2/2011Have not seen ya in a while my friend. Hope all is well with you and yours. Regards - TVIYH
11/24/2011Happy Thanksgiving from TVIYH
11/12/2011Haven't seen ya in a bit now, man. Just dropping you some good karma and a neighborly hello. Hope you and yours are doing okay. Regards - TVIYH
10/29/2011Green love from tinygreen.
10/29/2011Had extera to give out (USMC0369)
10/20/2011Glad to see you back. Missed you making me laugh! ZP
10/20/2011Your Good TO go in my Book (USMC0369)
10/20/2011Good thread...LF
10/20/2011Bowhunting is great! Sleeping Giant
10/20/2011Happy Karma to You! Smiles~Jane Smith
10/20/2011Good to have you back! Karma for karma? I could use some...lol
10/20/2011Thanks for the karma/kind words - Too Dark Park
10/20/2011Welcome back karma :) :) :) :) :)
10/19/2011GLP break????
10/19/2011For being a brunette guy..blonds don't ALWAYS have more fun :) *Aiyanna
10/18/2011Good to see you around these parts, friend
10/13/2011Been quite some time since we've chatted...just dropping you a line to say "Hello" and hope you are doing well. Regards -TVIYH
9/12/2011Good guy! - STT
9/12/2011Haven't seen ya around lately, partner. Figured I'd give ya some good karma to let ya know we are thinking about ya. Regards - T.V.I.Y.H.
9/9/2011One for you ... cibrell
9/6/2011Cuz you make me laugh
9/6/2011Thanks for your non silent scanner feed! ;)
9/3/2011No reason
9/2/2011Good posts - phenn
9/1/2011Cuz for a FIB, you're all right---haha, I know you're not in Chicago, so that's almost Wisconsin. ;-`)
8/30/2011Chicago Proud! Sweet pic! - Haarp-acane
8/30/2011There you are...Let me return this Karma ;)~
8/30/2011Good guy .... cibrell
8/30/2011Funny dude....LOST_ONE
8/30/2011Keep up the quset for good blades brother!
8/30/2011Owns idiots with logic and cool pictures.
8/30/2011Lol like your style bro, keep rippin the tards!-Danose
8/30/20111 for you
8/29/2011Semper Fi! CJH
8/24/2011Always fun, always honest. ~ Jane
8/24/2011Reported Abusive Post
8/24/2011For anti-anti-gay rhetoric...edfreesay
8/24/2011Do we really need more antigay rhetoric?
8/23/2011One of my favorite posters! --Earthling...
8/23/2011Too funny!
8/21/2011Good karma for been your self, great threads.
8/20/2011You liked the Winston Churchill quote, and your signature is from Billy effin Maddison - EPIC
8/20/2011Thank you :)
8/20/20111 point just because I like you.
8/20/2011For opening the eyes of the ill-informed on survival
8/19/2011I like his tough guy thread
8/19/2011For my like-minded Southern Neighbor and his well-written, insightful posts. ;-`)
8/18/2011Payment for the use of the word FUPA!!
8/18/2011Good post
8/18/2011I agree, automatic toilets do suck.
8/18/2011Tom delonge gif
8/18/2011For starting thread that literally made me laugh out loud :)
8/18/2011Have a dime brother. Cheops
8/16/2011Great thread...as always. -brutalsun
8/16/2011For a cool pic of welding, enough heat to melt metal always kicks ass, centrist77
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