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TBar1984's Karma

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1/16/2013Jerk off
1/9/20131 Up!
1/4/2013Very Good
12/22/2012Merry Christmas TBar1984..missing your posts lately...my2centswort​h
12/9/2012I'm still a friend ~ redpaw360
11/27/2012From a Friend ~ Redpaw360
11/26/20121 Up!
10/30/2012Hello there TBar,sending some Green your way for your YT Videos and sensible comments - I've forgotten that stupid little bit of beef we had,hope you can also : ) - 'Cesium.
10/23/2012Top HAT
10/18/20121 - hydra
10/18/2012Fuck off the solar thread!!!!
10/17/2012Fuck off the solar thread. Geezzzzzeeee
10/10/2012Green time!!!_marketselloff​
10/3/2012Here,have some Green and Chill out a little,Ok - 'Cesium.
10/3/2012It's really sad, you have a lot to offer, too bad your such a fucking jerk about it.
10/2/2012TBar, "Grasper of straws"
10/2/2012Told you I would so here it is. Have not seen in the Solar Thread. How come?
10/2/2012Solar green karma to the suntards!!! joinca
9/30/2012Fuck Off the Solar thread!!! You arrogant child!!!
9/29/2012Right or wrong, good dialogue - jeff
9/28/2012Pompous ass. ReDICKulously ostentatious. Get over yourself.
9/28/2012Astro-shill testicle gargler, "i too stupid to figure things out on my own" astro? astro? come hold my scrotum
9/28/2012Solar green -- mistersplinter
9/28/2012Alien is coming after your ballz
9/28/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
9/24/2012For not being fried in your own juices lol!! Elemental :))
9/22/20121 Up!
9/17/2012Keep telling those Nibitards - Karlos
9/9/2012Tbar, thank you for your great work!! -Fabian
9/8/2012Voice of Reason - BoxerLvr
9/6/2012Astroshit balls eater
9/6/2012TBag 1984 fag, and you sound like one too,lmfao fag
9/6/2012Good thread, here's some green to offset the idiots -Astro
9/1/2012Good debunking
8/30/2012Shill is a shill is a shill shill shill
8/28/2012Good thread-Marketselloff
8/25/20121 Up!
8/23/2012For bringing some sanity to glp
8/21/2012Astro-shill testicle gargler, "i too stupid to figure things out on my own" astro? astro? come hold my scrotum
8/16/2012Keep up the good work - Hydra
8/16/2012For being wrongly accused of being me -Astro
8/16/2012Red karma is a badge of honour. It shows that someone couldn't think if anything rational to say. - HD
8/14/2012Photo shop???!!!! You got to be fucking kidding me. Grasping!!!!
8/14/2012Astroslut in disguise
8/12/2012"Even I, myself, received a ton of bad karma for implying your intelligence." - HERE'S MORE!
8/12/2012Thanks for the Video and the Karma!
8/11/2012You suck fat limp dick
8/10/2012It's time
8/10/2012Thanks for the sanity in the Moore thread - Archaic Mason
8/7/2012For the nibiru tards
8/6/2012Pro Shill
8/5/2012Thanks for bringing some sanity to this forum
8/5/2012Thanks for video of blob
8/5/2012Just awesome
8/4/2012Thanks TBar! Marax
8/3/2012U mad bro? Passive aggressive much? Your bogus and misleading astronomy is only meant to deceive people.
8/2/20121 Up!
8/2/2012More Bull Shit from you T-Bar. You know that John Moore gave no such information regarding the suposed object. This is the info that Mike Harris gave. Don't discredit John Moore with your Bull Sh
7/29/2012You are a fucking idiot. I never really believed in the shill thing until I started reading your posts. How do you live with yourself!
7/25/20121 Up! HD
7/22/2012For the truth on Matrix's thread- peace- Nerdrage88
7/21/2012Great YouTube vid on Harrington. You make total sense!
7/20/2012Saying terrible things about John Moore.
7/20/2012For making the niburu tards sad - acid trip
7/20/2012Can you just stop being a jerk? Just for one damn day!!! People like you are why this world is fucked!
7/17/2012Good information
7/16/2012Very informative and intelligent post by you, thank you! Best wishes from Greece! - insertfunnyusername
7/15/2012You are the most rude asshole on GLP. Don't forget that karma is a bitch
7/14/2012God Damn Shill
7/11/2012Thanks for the awesome video -Mut
7/10/2012Hal is back
7/10/2012Solar thread green! -mtn mang
7/9/2012Thanks for the video~ RTS
7/7/2012I was hoping to hear your interpretation thanks, scribbler
7/7/2012Thank you for helping to take care of the Animals!!! Have a great day! From Agent_P
7/6/2012For the birds!!! :) -anne
7/6/2012Information helps
7/5/2012I came to give you green, I saw Haarp on your YT, I then thought red but in most you speak sense.
7/1/2012Greens from a suntard :) IWTB76
6/30/2012Nice job, Isis One
6/29/2012As always, great info on the alignments thread.. thanks...my2centswort​h
6/29/2012People just can't handle the Truth. Amy A
6/28/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
6/27/2012Thanks for the suggestion!
6/23/2012For bringing actual science to GLP!
6/23/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
6/14/2012Great Post! karma 4 u from Gonviral
6/14/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
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