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TBar1984's Karma

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10/12/2011For keeping an eye on the sky :-) ~cc
10/8/2011Great post on Elenin - Mulletman
10/5/2011Always love seeing your posts. -Mut
10/5/2011Tooo is not a word
9/26/2011Look at all the pissed off 'tards. You must be telling the truth.
9/25/2011For vigorous defense of the truth, keep informing them TBar!
9/25/2011Because you are a idiot.
9/24/2011TBar +1 good karma point for you...You show us that there still are intelligent people on GLP
9/24/2011Pleiades my a$$! When will you shill piss off????
9/24/2011From all done- amendment04 youtube. thanks for the info.
9/23/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/22/2011Cool calm crystal clear
9/22/2011Love it mang! You give us non doomtards hope for glp!!-Danose
9/21/2011Hardly classic disinfo you buttfreak.
9/21/2011Uncalled for!
9/20/2011Elenin on Stereo A :)
9/18/2011U Wanna go to War Hey... Done Fuckstick
9/16/2011For shilling
9/12/2011Stop spreading disinfo
9/12/2011Great job on the debunking!!! A regular Shirlock Holmes.
9/12/2011You are the fresh cotton sheets on a bed during a cool summers night.
9/12/2011Very good poster!!! keep up the good work
9/12/2011I have carmafou
9/11/2011Great Video!
9/11/2011Great effort.
9/11/2011Provider of truth. Keep it coming!!!
9/11/2011For trying to get pity posts.
9/11/2011He is telling the truth
9/11/2011Nice tbar ,,,as is the norm with your cool vids ,,lots do appreiciate it ..if one is helped then its worth it..yes
9/11/2011Very informative
9/11/2011For bad attitude deserves more than one minus
9/10/2011Simulation king. +1
9/5/2011Its not a plane...el tardo shill-bot
9/3/2011Good videos - BoxerLvr
9/2/2011Common sense among doomseekers
9/2/2011Fuckin shill
9/1/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
8/31/2011Because you get mean when you shill.
8/31/2011For debunking the "elenin changed course" nonsense with a fantastic video
8/31/2011Good Job with your astronomy
8/31/2011For information and a great voice.
8/31/2011Redpaw 360 appreciates this thread
8/31/2011Correct information
8/30/2011Made me understand something i did not know..total good karma
8/30/2011For prompt attention & evidence to cast scientifiic doubt on Jupiter DOOM event
8/30/2011For your Science educational effort, keep doing it!
8/29/2011For providing an updated article to clarify things on the ISS thread (did you notice how quickly the Wizard's First Rule took effect? interesting, eh? FOX spinned it, then I spinned it -- nice to
8/29/2011Bringing science truth
8/29/2011For convincing me and taking the abuse
8/28/2011Nice video
8/28/2011Seems swishy
8/28/2011Good reporting on the NZ Elenin/contrail thread.
8/28/2011GLP Shill
8/28/2011No. 1 Shill
8/27/2011Kicks 'tards in the nuts
8/27/2011OH look an Ostrich. Please don't breed.
8/27/2011LHAHAHA...NOT...sorry​ about your penis.
8/27/2011Thanks for adding intelligence to this site!!-Danose
8/25/2011Awesome video. +1
8/22/2011Thanks for the vids - Mulletman
8/21/2011Great Work!!
8/21/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
8/20/2011Keeping it real.
8/20/2011I agree
8/19/2011For the 6.8 in Japan, thanks for the info!
8/19/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
8/17/2011Good Thread
8/17/2011Good to have ya back! Glp can use all the common sense it can get lol-Danose
8/17/2011Karma pinning niburu shit
8/17/2011Fights the good fight.
8/17/2011It's Dangerous to go Alone! Take this! Also, welcome back from your ban
8/17/2011Used my fave smilie. Oh...and good video.
8/17/2011Good vid
8/17/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
8/17/2011Smart guy - BoxerLvr
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