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7/31/2021Regards, Bastetcat
7/20/2021Regards, Bastetcat
7/10/2021Regards Bastetcat
7/1/2021Regards, Bastetcat
6/21/2021Regards, Bastetcat
6/11/2021Regards, Bastetcat
6/3/2021Regards, Bastetcat
5/26/2021Regards, Bastetcat
5/23/2021Have a great week! GA Girl
5/18/2021Regards Bastetcat
5/9/2021Regards Bastetcat
5/1/2021Regards, Bastetcat
4/24/2021Regards, Bastetcat
4/16/2021Regards Bastetcat
4/7/2021Regards Bastetcat
3/31/2021Regards Bastetcat
3/31/2021News ~Moniker
3/30/2021I'm a longtime lurker. I didn't see your comment on 3/30 as an insult to the thread participants at all. I agree wholeheartedly with your comment and I'm glad to see you back!
3/28/2021Good Guys Get Geen...CG
3/22/2021Regards, Bastetcat
3/17/2021News ~Moniker
3/15/2021Regards, Bastetcat
3/4/2021Regards, Bastetcat
2/26/2021Hope you are well & keeping an eye on everything Covid. Lol. Ayr
2/25/2021Regards, Bastetcat
2/16/2021Regards, Bastetcat
2/15/2021You are always appreciated. Doommonkey
2/14/2021Are you out of LA now?...CG
2/8/2021Regards, Bastetcat
1/31/2021News ~Moniker
1/30/2021From AV201
1/29/2021Regards, Bastetcat
1/25/2021Good q
1/21/2021Regards, Bastetcat
1/18/2021One of the good-nay-great ones -Renn
1/18/20211yr -Guythu
1/17/2021News ~Moniker
1/17/2021Green from Serenity Now :)
1/17/2021Glad you made an escape from LA CG
1/17/2021Unhappy Anniversary. Stay safe. Hugs and Prayers. - clevercreator
1/17/2021Glad you are Covid negative, my friend. Stay safe. - Riff
1/17/2021Case of BAt Soup fopr U!!!
1/17/2021Cheers sir-The Gent
1/14/2021Hey MJ. Hope you are well! Ayr
1/12/2021Regards, Bastetcat
1/10/2021Because you are you. was mommacoop now Grammycoop
1/7/2021News ~Moniker
1/5/2021If you don't care of yourself, you can't take care of anyone else. Hang in there. - Riff
1/4/2021Godspeed! From Bastetcat
1/3/2021Your comment at 9:19am cst on 1/3 cracked me up. I am a longtime lurker who has posted a couple of times. You are one of my favorite GLPers. Please travel carefully, we need you.
1/3/2021Godspeed GLP friend...all the best til you're out of there~White Sailboat
1/1/2021Happy new year. AV201
12/29/2020Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Serenity Now!
12/29/2020News ~Moniker
12/29/2020Hope you're having a good holiday, glad you're feeling better! Texan Buckeye
12/29/2020Green holiday wishes from Russia. ~Snuffie
12/27/2020Hope you are well! Happy New Year! From Bastetcat
12/24/2020For well used vagina holiday party
12/23/2020Good to hear your on the mend
12/23/2020B I N G O!! Dosha
12/20/2020Merry Christmas! From Bastetcat
12/15/2020I hope you feel better, MJ, and have a blessed holiday season. Larry D. Croc
12/15/2020Sending some good mojo from Buffalo SpinalCracker
12/14/2020Thanks for your post! -Holymeerkat
12/14/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
12/11/2020Get well soon! You are loved and respected! Bastetcat
12/11/2020Feel better soon - Vego
12/11/2020Green from Matt (GA Geoprepper)
12/9/2020News ~Moniker
12/9/2020Thank you for your well-wishes! from MadHazel.
12/9/2020I Like Truth...CG
12/8/2020Love your mental gymnastics post in the Covid thread! - Riff
12/8/2020Green from AV201
12/7/2020Reported Abusive Post
12/7/2020Reported Abusive Post
12/7/2020Reported Abusive Post
12/7/2020Reported Abusive Post
12/7/2020Green from Serenity Now
12/4/2020Regards, Bastetcat
12/4/2020" Gold medal Social Distancing Champion "//Hnry
12/3/2020Hugs and prayers. Merry Christmas. - clevercreator
11/30/2020News ~Moniker
11/26/2020Happy Thanksgiving! Bastetcat
11/18/2020From Bastetcat
11/5/2020Good intel, as always. Thank you for your contributions. - Riff
11/5/2020Green from antivirus201
10/20/2020Greenest of wishes from a sick Russian. ~Snuffie
10/12/2020Hope you post update on the 13th! Bastetcat
10/8/2020Sorry for the animals
10/8/2020" 2020 is the year of pestilence " HnryBwmn
9/29/2020You are appreciated. Hugs and prayers. - clevercreator
9/28/2020Please keep us informed—Bastetcat
9/25/2020News ~Moniker
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