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4/10/2019Evolve the red moron
4/4/2019Cool. love Miss Cleo
4/4/2019For the McMurdo Station Antarctica thread. NolaAngel
4/4/2019Great thread Des
4/4/2019Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
4/4/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
2/8/2019The Gent
1/30/2019For Antarctica. aliasx
1/29/2019Cool link! cool life!:)
1/25/2019Unleash the funds for the wall and security Pay our workers - TY (fed worker)
1/15/2019Believes the 9/11 story from the Gobermint... LOLOLOLOLO
1/15/2019Moron shill who ignores 9/11 REALITY
1/2/2019Green for 911 comments
1/2/20199/11 official story believer, gets you red.
1/2/2019From an engineer, the planes and fires did not bring the towers down.
12/14/2018Excellent reporting
12/14/2018Stay warm, Jiffy! --AxX
12/14/2018Nearly made it down your end, got as far as South Georgia! -The Gent
12/14/2018Great thread stay safe Des
12/14/2018Cajun Karma for Antartica thread!! Thanks Jiffy! Southern Soldier...
12/13/2018Amazing - TDP2
12/12/2018Thank you, Torchie
12/12/2018Excellent post
12/12/2018Stay warm~RH
12/12/2018Stay safe
12/12/2018Antarctic Green for you! - Louis in Richmond
12/12/2018Great post, 2 fatalities, STAY SAFE C-T
12/12/2018Looks like some ppl owe you an apology and some green ~ Evangelina
12/12/2018For posting breaking news from Antarctica - <3 Vision Thing
12/12/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
12/12/2018Re:- antarctica dry valleys, cheers bud, I'll keep my eye on it. ~ clock.
9/6/2018For the cool sunrise pics. is that the aurora behind the clouds? looks so alien - NutShell
8/19/2018Thanks for sharing your sunrise!-- light bulb
8/19/2018Cool. love Miss Cleo
8/5/2018Thanks for the laugh..lol 4H
7/31/2018You are brave and not alone~kpm~
6/28/2018Hey buddy. -Rev
6/21/2018Be safe. love Miss Cleo
5/15/2018Fuck you
5/10/2018Everyone on GLP used to work for NASA. I used to be a rocket scientist too.
3/15/2018From 5.0%
1/30/2018Feel better! Isis One
1/21/2018Fanastic page and info
1/20/2018Your thread "anyone else seeing an increase in military traffic lately?" the same day as you being in Antarctica. Fucking liar! Don't worry everyone will find out soon enough!
1/18/2018Thanks for posting from WAAAAAAYYYYY down south! very interesting, msr
1/17/2018Good thread, keep us informed. DN
1/17/2018Green karma from my home town CHCH <3
1/17/2018Love the thread and the pics, thank you. ~Luna~
1/17/2018Go McMurdo ! snowie.
1/17/2018Earthbound space cadet with virtue
1/17/2018Good job mutherfucker. I salute your service too.
1/17/2018Teling us your story and answerng my question, cheers, Tassie Lurker
1/17/2018Green for your Antarctica thread.
1/17/2018Awesome thread, thanks for the pics~kpm~
1/17/2018Stay safe. Stay warm. Enjoy the experience....Kogent
1/17/2018Fucking liar
1/17/2018Good post
1/17/2018Awesome thread ~hillbilly
1/17/2018Green for You <<TimeWatcher>>
1/17/2018Relativity thanks you for an Epic post.
1/17/2018For your thread from McMurdo Station Antarctica! ...nutmeg...
1/17/2018Antarctica info -ajent
1/17/2018Cool job!
1/17/2018Greenest kindness wrapped in Love Ursabruin
4/13/2017Greenest kindness-Ursabruin

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