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3/29/2022Well said……a friend of Bill’s
8/14/2013TY for your Crow knowledge. ancha
5/22/2013No construction bad remark
1/23/2013You are not alone ~~ Daisy Clover
1/12/2013Nice explanation of superficial differnces.
1/12/2013Excellent info about nose shapes! :) ming
1/9/2013Oh and the tears of grief, the wonderful taste of tears...
1/8/2013Be well. pool
12/30/2012Common sence!
12/26/2012Great post on the nuclear thread. SeekWisdom
12/26/2012Uses logic against envirotards
12/25/2012Good post about addiction. Manu
12/25/2012Merry Christmas, always good to see ya post! - Chrit
12/25/2012Promoting evil
12/24/2012Merry christmas anotherone
12/23/2012Much love your way
12/19/2012Very well put. Poker Face
12/16/2012Nice post re: society one/another
11/15/2012Glpfan3* job advice/psychic advice :)
11/12/2012Great post!
10/26/2012Stupid is as stupid does. Your Oblabla vote will echo your ignorance for eternity.
10/20/2012I like his posts.
10/16/2012Great info
10/2/2012Hi from Earth420 :)
9/29/2012"We can only change self">>>Muzzle
9/27/2012Muzzie loving scum.
9/16/2012Thatx for mentioning the Cgharity Organisation, Pics mean a lot!
9/10/2012You give me one il fuck you with one to ...
9/9/2012Emc2 - memory loss thread - appreciated input
9/7/2012Obama tool
9/7/2012For the thoughtful, eloquent statement in the pinned karma thread, LOL!!! Lady Jane Smith
9/5/2012Thank YOU for the smiles!
9/4/2012Love your Burroughs quote. Anarchytype
9/4/2012From an ex-con who appreciates your words of wisdom - KnightsTemplar
9/4/2012Really liked your ex-con post - have a nice day. Sloane
8/27/2012Thank you for your imput- acegotflows
8/27/2012Really enjoyed your response, R2B
8/26/2012Just stopping by to say Hi! ... *from CrissCross
8/19/2012Honest sincere person who took the time to answer my question.
8/18/2012Mulch! - - Vision Thing
8/15/2012'Marriage - let them suffer with the rest of us' made me LOL ~ Sloane
8/15/2012Thanks for your post! much love! 11.11.11
8/12/2012Good Answer, in the 'strange test'. Made sense.
8/9/2012Good point! TexasGirl
7/25/2012Ceiling fan wisdom... Thanks! ...*from CrissCross
7/17/2012Good info, thanks
7/14/2012For taking the time and effort to share some gardening skills
7/8/2012Well done! konacoffee
7/6/2012Gardening tips...thanks! ...*from CrissCross
7/6/2012Thanks. Cool weather crop info. D'Light
7/5/2012Here's some green thumb, for your green thumb.
6/16/2012Hating god and hating children is no way to go thru life (-1 karma for ewe)
6/12/2012Great explanation about ancient text translations.
6/9/2012Babyboomers explaination... *from CrissCross
6/8/2012Reported Abusive Post
4/30/2012For voting for obama
4/29/2012Salty green karma 4 u ;)
4/28/2012Be well - Chrit
4/27/2012Astute observation of AI intelligence; from: Alien Commander Omd I
4/25/2012Reported Abusive Post
4/24/2012Good replies
4/23/2012Enjoyed how you put Anon 486 in his place. Thank you, i hope i can live up to you legacy. -ShabbyOrange
4/23/2012For trying to explain to the current generation why they are such utter failures.
4/21/2012Reported Abusive Post
4/20/2012Interesting answer
4/14/2012Reported Abusive Post
4/11/2012Phram guy
4/8/2012Good stuff
4/7/2012Don't mean to be so shallow, but damn your avatar is hot! Lol. ~Vesper33~
3/30/2012Nice post.-Evan03
3/27/2012Your post on the blacks aren't human thread. from ming
3/24/2012Highly informative.
3/21/2012Good post
3/7/2012For a great post on secret societies!! -Shodan99VR4
1/26/2012For your great help in my RV thread. seriously, thanks.
1/26/2012Possibly one of the most intelligent and well presented posts I've ever read on GLP. Excellent job... Okie
1/23/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/22/2012For wise discussion... CP
1/21/2012For your post in the tap water thread on 01/22/12 at 08:28AM
1/7/2012Pleasure disagreeing with you! LOL
1/5/2012Glad to see you're back! ... *from CrissCross
12/3/2011For posting on my thread -- Missouri Foxtrotter.
12/3/2011For your happy marriage.
11/16/2011Just because
11/15/2011Nice reply
11/14/2011"Hitler was an American President" :chuckle: Bravo!
11/12/2011Finally someone who makes sense around here. §Daikirai
11/8/2011God so many sick fucks in the world who think its 'Cute' and 'fun' to make a child cry...Lighten up, you to serious.
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