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ambermink's Karma

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3/23/2024Good old Spring GREEN for thee from AnonG
3/15/2024Our enemies keep their countries pure....delusional
3/10/2024Have a very fine week ahead. Piece of Gossip
2/25/2024Fuck off evil cunt
2/24/2024Green for thee from AnonG
2/12/2024Sum great winter green for thee from AnonG
11/26/2023Reported Abusive Post
9/7/2023Informative and encouraging :) abeland1
8/27/2023Some green for my fibromyalgia sister. blessings, Stella b
8/20/2023Music Muse stopped by
8/7/2023True comment
6/13/2023Thanks for visiting my clot out thread (sad). ~Tonight we Ride!
6/1/2023"Didn't say a word about not paying Ukraine billions" - Fuckin A - BrainGuy
5/9/2023Right on comment
3/10/2023Happy Carsh Day! wingnut1234
12/14/2022Informative and encouraging :) abeland1
11/4/2022Wow, you need ot wirt e athread about some of thes cool stories. cheers, jay3
9/26/2022Thank you
8/2/2022Thanks . madmurdoch
7/14/2022LMFAO good point yeah!
7/7/2022Archimedes Girl was here. (((wave)))
5/8/2022Beautiful mother's day to you. pool
5/3/2022Yes, they all moved to florida. The so-called disappeared.
2/26/2022Yes, by all means , trust the voices on the idiot box.
6/6/2021I've noticed that, too. Thought it was just me. ~MoViNgOnUp~
3/20/2021Well Said -TrufSerumX
12/28/2020Kamel toe that made me laugh!
10/24/2020No socialist anything. You will learn
10/18/2020"The democrats were pointing the finger at Russia to pull the attention away from the Chinese. Its been the Chinese all along."
7/20/2020And god does whatever you tell him
5/31/2020Reported Abusive Post
3/23/2020Hillbeast sold us to china.
3/8/2020Q33 how could you LOLZ
3/3/2020One of those "I'm biologically male but my avatar is a hot chick I wish would fuck me". omg dude just...
11/13/2019My thoughts exactly!
10/20/2019Happy Birthday! It's A Secret
7/18/2019I'm tired of the hate against white people as well, cheers
2/3/2019Empath? BWAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!​ How's my nutsack feeling tonight. Post a thread and I'll believe you.
7/15/2018Pearl clutching trafficker
6/25/2018Immigrant flood ~ Green from Flashbuzzkill
5/20/2018Green to you have a good week - G3
3/23/2018War is coming....
6/24/2017Have a great GOOD GREEN KARMA day! -Freckle Face
1/18/2016Posting nonsense
3/18/2015Abba definition ~LunaRabbit

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