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Spittin'Cesium's Karma

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9/24/2017God bless you, my old friend. Peace and blessings to you and yours.-Hugh/Helios Maximus
9/24/2017I was thinking of you few weeks ago miabelieves
9/24/2017Good to see you! - mistersplinter
5/2/2016We miss you....finley
5/2/2016We miss ya, matey! Peace and blessings- Helios Maximus (Hugh)
5/2/2016So good to see you again - mistersplinter
1/26/2015Have some green, my old friend! Blessings to you and yours.-sol reflector (hugh)
12/7/2014Missing you, SC. hope all is well with you and your family. :). ChiaPet
9/12/2014Love to you and all you love GFG
9/12/2014Hiya sc finley :)
9/12/2014Solar brother green - mistersplinter
9/12/2014Hope you are well ~TH
9/12/2014God Bless - WA
9/12/2014Wishing you and your family so much love! Ele xxx
8/9/2014A green thumbs up for you! shenue
7/6/2014A bit of green coming your way. shenue
6/23/2014A warm Karma hug for you! shenue
6/14/2014A thumbs up for you! shenue
6/3/2014Warm green hugs! shenue
4/14/2014More green karma for the sol crew!!! - joinca
4/8/2014Who....Huh?....Wha...​.? God bless you, brother! Peace, too.-hugh
4/7/2014I hope your family is doing well and that you are enjoying being a daddy! Glad to have you around! ~ Simple27 : )
4/1/2014Congrats on your new addition SC :) tampa heather
4/1/2014Congatulations on the newborn lifeform! Peace, Sunshine & Blessings to you and family.-hugh
3/25/2014Congratulations with you new baby boy! May you and your family continue to be blessed in many ways! Chiapet
3/24/2014Congrats on becoming a daddy! What a blessing! I wish the best for you and your family. ~ Simple27 : )
3/24/2014All the best for your little family always!! :) Much Love, Lucy
3/23/2014Karma Hugs from Shenue
3/13/2014Nice to see you ~arbrefeu
2/25/2014Green hugs from shenue!
2/19/2014Happy Birthday Sweetie!! Isis One
2/19/2014Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have an amazing year ahead!!! ~Vesper33~
2/19/2014Happy Birthday hon - whiteangel
2/17/2014Happy Birthday Karma, brother! Keep keepin' it real, Yo. Peace & Blessings to you and your new family.-hugh
2/14/2014Happy Valentines Day! Love, Lucy
2/8/2014Green sun.... haha
2/3/2014I've missed you - whiteangel
2/2/2014Groundhog Day Karma, friend! Peace.-hugh
2/2/2014Hi stranger love GFG
1/30/2014A green karma hug from shenue.
1/15/2014Much love my eternal friend!- shad(falcoherent)
1/15/2014Thanks for the green!! HNY to you as well!!! Good to see you back in the sol group!! cheers - joinca
1/14/2014So geen_GeoStorm
12/27/2013Happy X-days, sol bro. You make a debunker proud, LOL. Don't be such a stranger, my friend. Peace-hugh
12/27/2013Merry Ho Ho Sweetie, Isis One
12/27/2013Dumb ass
12/26/2013Wishing you Happy Holy Days! ChiaPet
12/19/2013Merry Christmas and God Bless - whiteangel
11/27/2013From green_girl - love your humour!
11/26/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
11/26/2013Green from pi/Az Axo :)
11/22/2013'Long Duration B Flare' - LOL - curiosisSolsis
11/19/2013WeAreOne saying a hearty hello :)
11/19/2013Hope life is treating you good love GFG
11/10/2013Welcome back, mate! Best of luck to ya.-hugh
11/10/2013Lawn green, lol -- curiosisSolsis
11/9/2013Welcome back karma time!! - joinca
11/9/2013So good to see you again SC. A big ole' green Karma hug for you! shenue
10/29/2013Nice to see you, Isis One
10/28/2013Glad you came out in the sun lol love GFG
10/28/2013Long time no see handsome!!! Glad you are back, we need you here!! ~Vesper33~
9/30/2013Great to see you back, bro'!-hugh (screw Mr. HYDEr, I'll stop dropping his name now, LOL)-hugh
9/30/2013Good to see you back!!! ~Vesper33~
9/30/2013Solar hug - whiteangel
8/15/2013Green karma time!!! - joinca
8/14/2013Always good to see you old guard
8/14/2013Solar Guardian here. May I have some green karma points? :)
8/11/2013Glad you back love GFG
8/7/2013Peace Brother- Nerd
8/4/2013HEY, S. Cesium, great to see you posting again. Blessings to you, sir.-hugh
8/4/2013So nice to see you at Nin's, Isis One
8/4/2013Good to see you back._GeoStorm
8/3/2013Glade your back! Psy
7/13/2013Where have you been man?! calx
7/10/2013Love from Ele x
6/21/2013Here is some solstice green karma! - joinca
6/18/2013Back at ya, FunkySolbrutha
6/4/2013Ka-tet gunslinger =[phase\
6/1/2013Transient Karma, brother!-hugh
6/1/2013Heya buddy!- Nerd
6/1/2013You have been missed....glad to have you back! CabinGirl
5/18/2013Green, green. ChiaPet.
5/9/2013Green karma for a double hit from the sun - joinca
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