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Spittin'Cesium's Karma

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9/22/2012Sun shine on the glactic alignment day - joinca
9/22/2012Some Green for our war monger. Lol. Just Kidding! You are wonderful and your humor is something I, and I 'm sure many others, really appreciate. ~Vesper33~
9/21/2012Some sunny karma for you. shenue
9/19/2012Karma from you giving karma- Disillusioning
9/19/2012<3 - madajs
9/19/2012Hi SC!!!!Hope you are doing well! <3 Mama
9/19/2012I feel fine...here at yellow^^ good to see ya IWTB76
9/19/2012Sun lovers Karma- Spiderjones
9/17/2012Karma time! mtn mang
9/16/2012War mongering again - ehh Cesium
9/15/2012Green for my learned friend - rickster58
9/15/2012Solar green -- mistersplinter
9/14/2012Countdown to Hemisphere Challenged i hope that is one on the sun and not earth!....Psy
9/14/2012Quake Team - green-quake-karma-spa​mmer
9/14/2012Some green for you - Whiteangel
9/12/2012Good to see you again! ~ Tink Tink
9/11/2012Good to see you - jeff
9/10/2012Sun lover green for you- SpiderJones
9/10/2012Hello hello! - madajs
9/9/2012For your devotion! shenue
9/9/2012Karma !!! ~ Ts66
9/8/2012And the green goes on..Happy SUN day - joinca
9/8/2012Whom is who is who is whom again!? : )
9/8/2012Solar green -- mistersplinter
9/8/2012Green Hugs!! ~Vesper33~
9/5/2012Renewed your upgrade, you're on my regular paypal list now, so it shouldn't lapse. :) Keep watching the sun!
9/4/2012How ya been pardner, miss your info-shadasonic
9/4/2012Karma time! mtn mang
9/1/2012Solar Love from SpiderJones
9/1/2012Appreciation for your information on NiNz's sun thread. shenue
9/1/2012Blue Moon Karma! -hugh
8/31/2012For doing what you do!@
8/30/2012Love your music comments! Sloane
8/30/2012Hello hello! - madajs
8/29/2012Good Karma to you for posting on the thread!!! Thanks, Strangela
8/27/2012Solar Love back at ya!! ~ Trink
8/27/2012Solar green -- mistersplinter
8/26/2012Fresh solar karma for ya, ces'. mtn mang
8/25/2012Solar love - Whiteangel
8/25/2012For all that you do...even when under the weather!...Psy
8/24/2012Karma time SC !!! <3 Mama
8/24/2012Thanks fror keeping the sun alive! joinca
8/24/2012Sun love XOXO
8/24/2012Nice posts
8/24/2012For all you do ~ TS66
8/24/2012Thank you for your solar thread dedication.
8/23/2012Solar respect - madajs
8/21/2012Thank you,wasn't even going for the award, but afterwards thought I might be in the running. Thanks Cesium just get aggravated that we get so into graphs and SDO shots we get out of touch with th
8/21/2012Hope you feel better soon friend!!! Hugs!~Vesper33~
8/20/2012Hope you feel better old guard
8/20/2012Hope you feel better soon! I miss ya and all your wisdom! Tink Tink lol
8/19/2012Hey you, I'm the person who paid for your account - just want to let you know that I am going to sponsor you for an entire year : ) I love your positive energy and your contributions in the solar
8/18/2012WAY..WAY WROMG! Gonviral
8/18/2012Solar karma -- mistersplinter
8/18/2012Love all your solar data/info - whiteangel
8/17/2012For keeping the Solarwatch thread alive. -SpiderJones
8/16/2012Green hug from tauranga
8/15/2012Haha big thx for your comment! made me smile :) IWTB76
8/14/2012Thanks for the green!! The sun shines on you in green!
8/14/2012Random green hugs! PsycoCandy
8/14/2012Good to see you posting agins - rickster58
8/14/2012Always on top of things brother- Nerd
8/14/2012You are just one of my favorites! <3 Mama
8/13/201211 :11on pg1111, see...much luv....tg1
8/12/2012Solar thread-Marketselloff
8/12/2012For all the great info you post. Earth Cries
8/11/2012Becuz your awsome! Thank you again for the HAARP info! ~ Tink Tink
8/11/2012Solar karma for your hard work- truz1980
8/10/2012Thx.... bug
8/10/2012Spreading the love ;)
8/10/2012Hello from Earth420 :)
8/10/2012Solar karma -- mistersplinter
8/8/2012Solar karma for you. shenue
8/8/2012I like the you tube eyewitness vid you posted!!!
8/7/2012He answered my question
8/7/2012Good day and good having you so observant,you're a big part of the solar thread-shadasonic
8/6/2012For all your work champ- Nerd
8/6/2012Howdy Neighbour! - madajs
8/6/2012Mtn mang!
8/6/2012Good morning!-Starry
8/3/2012Thanks, and peace to you, Sir Spittin'!
8/3/2012For all you do, your wisdom and your sense of humor!! : )
8/3/2012Just upgraded you! :)
7/31/2012Carry on.
7/31/2012When TSHTF you see who is whom..or..whom is who. now .say that again? hahahh tg1 ...:) p.s do I still get a kiss? or was that just if ya know???
7/30/2012Great posts, satin welcomes you strait off
7/30/2012Hullo hullo - madajs
7/30/2012Back at ya brutha....LooK`n
7/30/2012Solid forum input and comments
7/30/2012Glad to see your feeling better! <3 Mama
7/30/2012For your time and effort on the sun thread! shenue
7/30/2012Some green big cme hits you^^ IWTB76
7/29/2012For long hours -- mistersplinter
7/28/2012Thank you! I try to keep sun items moving in the slow times.
7/28/2012Thanks for the updates! - Gregor Samsa
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