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Spittin'Cesium's Karma

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4/30/2012Rational, well thought out comments in Fuku threads -- from goodmockingbird
4/30/2012Ty, 12.21.12
4/22/2012Thanks for keeping the 2 min news going! Now a personal pin! <3 Mama
4/22/2012Long time Gunslinger. Ka-Tet. Phase
4/17/20122 min. doom updates :) LaniJane
4/17/2012Excellent compilation!!!! keep up the good work! thank you!
4/17/2012Thanks for your 2 min. news posts!-SpiderJones
4/15/2012From atom-boy and co.... lmao... CP
4/15/2012Green for You from DoGMoRal :)
4/15/2012Back at ya, from a while ago, and thanks for KS updates. Juliebean...
4/12/2012Pretty cool -Troop
4/10/2012Back at you bud ar15-nut
4/10/2012Excellent thread on fukushima - rickster58
4/9/2012Excellent Stuff!!!
4/9/2012"Technazi" for burning ATOM
4/8/2012Af +1
4/8/2012For a good link. Thanks.
4/7/2012Easter Green for you my friend!! Lol ~Vesper33~
4/7/2012Good call on the CME last week... Varve
4/7/2012Fuckushima's #3 film, thanks- from SpiderJones- we're screwed.
4/7/2012Thanks for ALL the info you provide, Isis One
4/6/2012Thanks for the 2 minute Gnews! Love it! <3 Mama
4/5/2012Spittin everything but the truth - slimey limey
4/3/2012Holdin your own
4/2/2012Monday KArma for you... CP :)
3/27/2012Ka-Tet. Phase
3/25/2012Wanking Cesium
3/20/2012Spittin Bullshit
3/13/2012Jesus loves you - love him too.
3/12/2012Spittin Bullshit
3/11/2012Bullshit Spittin Fag wanker
3/3/2012Spittin bullshit
3/3/2012Fag wanker
2/29/2012AWESOME Japan footage of the ionosphere - Children of the Atom
2/29/2012Daily Ka-Tet Gunslinger. Phase
2/28/2012Good karma, friend-HMEye
2/26/2012Green goodness from tinygreen.
2/25/2012Thanks for posting on my Antarctica thread. Missouri Foxtrotter
2/25/2012I enjoy your Fuku posts...Southern OR
2/25/2012Spittin bullshit
2/25/2012Green for sunbro's :) IWTB76
2/25/2012Karma... cp :).... have a great weekend
2/22/2012Plus 1 for posting the Susan Rennison video. - ANHEDONIC
2/21/2012Spittin bull shit
2/19/2012Answered question kindly and quickly
2/15/2012For ur Fuku thread. *5* ~SW~ xox
2/15/2012Thanks! From Peace_Maker
2/14/2012So so relavent
2/14/2012Ass Wipe
2/14/2012For the nice words you said about CP
2/13/2012For getting the word out about Fukushima--oh_yikes
2/13/2012For spreading truth! --Kwitty
2/13/2012Good Thread- Thx Man --RT
2/13/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/13/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/11/2012Thanks!!! green love to you!!! tinygreen.
2/11/2012Switched on... greets... CP
2/11/2012For the video about fukushima
2/10/2012Nz reen from tauranga
2/9/2012Learn how to write. This is a nonsensical post about absolute BS!
2/9/2012No worries about the mistake.. atleast you owned it.
2/8/2012Karma like a wheel gunslinger. PS
2/8/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/8/2012Great thread re: Russia power plant
2/8/2012A tad preoccupied with all things Gay.
2/4/2012Chuckslik - iran mass producing - :)
1/28/2012Keep up the good work. Ka-Tet. Phase Sphere
1/28/2012Wormy brown nosing bastard child! That's right, I'm talking about yo mama!
1/27/2012Plasma, the invisible thread. -Plasmare
1/22/2012Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence - Chrit
1/22/2012Nice workin with ya on CME!!!! --hoopity
1/15/2012Go Ron, from Pool
1/3/2012For your 'nuclear safety' catch...morgan
12/30/2011I like your style....Extragalacti​c Extraterrestrial
12/18/2011Giving you green karma because i want you to be rounded up and put against the wall because you're not very clever
12/17/2011Cool....Beam Me The Fuck Up!
12/13/2011Shills mean that your onto something..tauranga
12/5/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
12/5/2011Late as always
12/5/2011Good job
12/5/2011Try to search b4 u post
12/5/2011Excellent, thanks
12/5/2011Thanks for sharing the CME uncloaking.... My2centsworth
12/5/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
12/5/2011Thank you for the vids..tauranga
12/4/2011We all have monkeys, set your free for a day. pool
11/28/2011Great thread to open people's eyes, although many still can't see. Bless you, Cesium !
11/28/2011Nasty thread about baby soup and not researched, posted as real when in fact a fake., you don't deserve the pin greens!
11/28/2011Good work on fukushima dude
11/28/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
11/19/2011Great info!
11/13/2011TY for the Karma +++++
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