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6/11/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/4/2012Greenies back at ya! Laura Bow
1/22/2012Moron suggesting suicide, your mom won't be proud
1/16/2012Outstanding Thread and Posts. Multi has failed ( Sivaro)
10/7/2011We spaniards conquered many places.. We are very hot looking too ;)
10/7/2011Filthy negative racist ...
10/7/2011Getting away with crime guides your dirty mind
9/29/2011Free Karma from Samanthasunflower
9/28/2011Do, Re, Me - RoXY
9/28/2011Good find! Phones don't stop impending threats
9/28/2011Green 4 you
9/28/2011There ya go - HI.Lander
9/28/2011To you to me to you( the sandancer)
9/28/2011Karma is good for you!
9/28/2011Cheers. Flycat.
9/28/2011For political/economic system thread.
9/28/2011Thought provoking thread +1
9/28/2011Good king video!
9/28/2011Thought Provoking thread, more of this needed here.
9/27/2011Mindless jewish hater and liar
9/27/2011Funny thread. ZP
9/25/2011For Ron Paul!
9/25/2011Great post
9/25/2011Great thread title - Ap0c@Lyp5e
9/25/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/24/2011For hating jewish people.
9/23/2011Excellent video! I hope others well watch it as well...good find.
9/22/2011Wrong side bra
9/20/2011GLP effect!!
9/19/2011For being a complete idiot.
9/19/2011To make up for the bad karma point
9/19/2011Thanks for your empathy...lol :)
9/19/2011If you're bad at astronomy then do us all a favor and don't start astronomical topics nor comment on them! Dumbass!!
9/18/2011Thank you for your responses on my thread.
9/18/2011Bless you
9/17/2011Very good post
9/17/2011Great Banking Scam Post with video
9/17/2011Old news , but cannot be spammed enough till this scam stops !
9/17/2011Cute info
9/17/2011Awesome banking video
9/17/2011Excellent video about the banking scam! Thanks for sharing!
9/17/2011Excellent post.
9/17/2011Good info!
9/17/2011For the thread, Banking - the Greatest Scam on Earth
9/17/2011Because of the banking scam post. 5 stars!
9/17/2011Awesome and very important post. Thanks!
9/9/2011I liked your post in redistribute thread .... cibrell
9/8/2011Makin up for the bad I give you b4---Jtreal3
9/8/2011For bringing these inspired writings to people's attention! :-)
9/2/2011Good Ron Paul post!!!!
9/2/2011Good Ron Paul post....well thought out
9/1/2011Another NewAge deluded fool
8/31/2011Amazing! thanks for the quotes blessings to you.
8/31/2011Brief :)
8/31/2011Mental midget
8/31/2011Has pimples on his ass
8/31/2011For telling it like it is.
8/31/2011I felt like it LOL....LOST_ONE
8/30/2011I'm back..."FUCKING BECAUSE!"
8/28/2011Open minded truth seeker rock on
8/28/2011Truth seeker. Baldrick
8/25/2011Good news!
8/21/2011Fucking Because
8/21/2011For being a nice person and helping an old lady.
8/20/2011Thanks to you for contributing to a constructive conversation!
8/16/2011So true
8/15/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
8/15/2011You made me laugh : Artlicious
8/14/2011Testify! testify! :)
8/14/2011FOR R. Paul
8/14/2011Good karma for your comment about RP fights for the True God of the Universe!
8/14/2011To proceed, please specify a reason for your bad (-1) karma vote.
8/13/2011What this button do?
8/13/2011You suck
8/13/2011Counter the neg
8/13/2011Second rule of karma: DON'T COMPLAIN ABOUT KARMA
8/13/2011More pity Karma :)
8/13/2011First rule of karma: Don't whine about karma
8/13/2011Aj Rules
8/13/2011Fucked up personality!
8/13/2011Alex Jones is awesome
8/13/2011Op post good stuff
8/13/2011I know what it feels like
8/13/2011He asked for it
8/13/2011This will help. You are welcome!
8/13/2011Knows his shit. Illuminist
8/13/2011For whinning... and because
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