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ShillsRUs's Karma

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6/18/2014Get real shill
3/29/2014Bad post. Ignorning reality of deception.
11/26/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/25/2013Shut it shill :D
11/25/2013Green for you!
11/17/2013Hulk hogan points and says) YOUUUUUUU!!! 1-2-Follow
10/12/2013<---- Racist Moron !
10/12/2013You post as a guest on Ghetto Monk's site then insult him! GFY!
10/3/2013You are lost and delusional if you think any politician has your back.
5/9/2013Why the fuck are you here? grow up and stop diddling your little sister, pedo piece of Shit
3/29/2013ShillsRUs.... I think the name says why the karma is negative
3/29/2013All talk
1/27/2013ShillsRUs.... I think the name says why the karma is negative
1/4/2013Die in a fire, you left-wing cock-knob.
12/31/2012Here's something relevant to shove up your ass
12/31/2012For being a mouth breathing, knuckle dragging DUMBASS
12/23/2012Only thing better than hitting you with reds is knowing you are a paying member. see ya soon.
12/14/2012There is something wrong with you.
12/7/2012Your what is wrong
12/5/2012Thanks for the advice--whit3 rabbit
11/13/2012Move along.
11/3/2012More red or an idiot.
10/29/2012THanks for the 5* CNN UFO over Kentucky - Pennyless
10/28/2012Gave good responses/answers to some stupid posts
10/27/2012DUHHHHH< me no smart
10/27/20121 More
10/23/2012Trump is a media hog,
10/23/2012Trumptard hater
10/23/2012Unpin yourself, moran!
10/14/2012Fuck the nwo
10/2/2012Obama loving shill
9/13/2012Go away!
9/3/2012Ron Paul WON the GOP Nomination!!!!
8/11/2012You are a shill arent u , FUCKK OFF WHORE
5/18/2012Ur post on ET thread was nice... Cammi
4/7/2012Obama is a racist asshole like you
4/7/2012Sorry about the accident with your penis. I'm sure they're ladies out there that like 2" of dark meat
3/14/2012You got the "Sir" part right
3/1/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/23/2012Link! -LG
2/5/2012Search and Read and you'll find out!
1/22/2012You rock with that 3 wheel pic!
1/19/2012V :)
1/16/2012Jst cause
10/17/2011Obama Lover!
10/3/2011Gang-stalking is a real phenomenon
10/1/2011Bill O'Reilley's a shill!!
9/27/2011Stupid chemtard/paranoid moron
9/24/2011Good Karma to you for posting on the thread!!! Thanks for the tune!!!
9/18/2011Wow Could you be swinging on Mayweather's nutsack any harder?
9/16/2011When I'm not in my right mind my left mind gets pretty crowded.
9/15/2011You're a fucking negative nelly fucktard.
9/9/2011Doesn't have to read a thread that offends!

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