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2/26/2012You piece of fucking cowardly shit
2/26/20124 whining about red
2/26/2012For whining about anon karma. man up
2/26/2012Quitcha bitchin you whineass. neg karma for being a puss.
2/26/2012Stop crying
2/26/2012From iamnothuman
2/26/2012Well said. Eldari
2/26/2012For crying about karma.
2/26/20121 for the Karmatard. :)
2/26/2012For you dickhead from scott
2/26/2012You are funny:) good thing, ... leaving my name, river iris:) saying goes, what you feel about me is none of my biz:)
2/26/2012Hello, no need to beg. skins did it.
2/26/2012U asked for it cuntlips. Boom
2/26/2012I agree. Leave your name. -Anonymous Coward
2/26/2012For sending good vibes to karma senders. Love n Light to you too :-) Ichorus
2/26/2012You are a dirtier old man than my son Jesus;)~ but what the hay i feel bad for ya so hear ya go-GOD ps. stop bitching
2/26/2012You were inspirational saying that you would send love to everyone no matter what they thought. Lately I have been reminded to focus in love, forgiveness, etc, so thanks. And ps. I don't log i
2/26/2012Wing-ed Karma
2/26/2012Your a fucktard!! lol jk... street
2/26/2012Here i left my name, crybaby, mckitter
2/26/2012Next time I would not do a thread like that! U know how peeps are!
2/26/2012I have giant balls! Marax :)
2/26/2012B/c you earned it =)
2/26/2012I would give you red for bitching but seeing as that's already been done to death, I'll give you some green to even things out a bit. Faith
2/26/2012Too focused on Karma, it is NOT a competition.
2/26/2012Love and light!
2/26/2012I have the balls :-)
2/26/2012Freaking karmatard, cry baby punk.
2/26/2012I choose light. :P
2/26/2012Karma from Philligan, it speaks a lot of those who hit and run.
2/26/2012Ha green is beating red by 2 lol
2/26/2012Fuck the haters
2/26/2012Because I took pleasure in reading your negative kharma, and felt the need to off-set it.... ladulce
2/26/2012Man up pussy boy! lol
2/26/2012DBag - Quant
2/26/2012You asked for it, whiney bitch- Melvin Kartin
2/26/2012Driveby Karma
2/26/2012For being a crybaby...edfreesay
2/26/2012Karma for karmatard...
2/26/2012To counteract the bad--oh_yikes
2/26/20121 Karma. I totally get what your saying, Cowards always leave insults. -Notofthisworld.
2/26/2012Karma for your accurate karma thread- Hagmann
2/26/2012From ~iNTuiTioN~
2/26/2012No-Name Bad Karma Man strikes again .... lol
2/26/2012Good thread. Haters going to hate lol.
2/26/2012Greetings - Amentality
2/26/2012You are such an excellent poster, I love all your posts! *Signed: Homo Vegan Penis Loving Freakishly Hairy Crossdressing Gay Man
2/26/2012Thank You , Come Again.
2/26/2012Heres some green :) -Saltynoodle
2/26/20124 not being the 99--- Munsoned
2/26/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/21/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/20/2012Y Not> DasDoomAss
2/11/2012Neat tidbit on Steve Jobs(I guess he was kind of a jerk)-A Few Good Women
2/10/2012Wing-ed Karma
2/10/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/8/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/8/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/7/2012V :)
2/7/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/6/2012For the Ant thread...really super cool.
2/5/2012Great ant video... ~ Ducimus
2/5/2012Ants ftw! -LG
2/5/2012Great video about ant city, thanks OP.... my2centsworth
2/5/2012Ant city video, amzing. --DisasterInc
2/5/2012Fascinating thread on ant colony - martianprincess
2/5/2012Nice find
2/5/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/3/2012Send me love, ~Aphrodite Harmonia
2/2/2012Great thread
1/31/2012Top thread boet
1/31/2012For siding with the occupiers cuntwad!
1/29/2012Stupid cunt. whiny baby. silly girl. slimy slug beetle
1/29/2012Your awesome -- acid trip
1/29/2012If you are not a human, what are you?
1/29/2012For the Fox News thread. Thanks. -withoutatrace
1/29/2012Awesome whistle blower vid.
1/29/2012For thinking a 4 year old story is breaking news. Wow
1/29/2012Whistle Blowers thread ~SW
1/29/2012Thanks for the truth on Fox news.
1/29/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
10/31/2011Troll shit head
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