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4/30/2014Maybe you're just a bold faced liar
11/16/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/25/2013Wednesday karma from Walt
5/8/2013Because it's been TOO long!
3/7/2013From Walt
2/19/2013From Walt
2/5/2013From Walt
1/24/2013From Walt
1/14/2013From Walt
1/6/2013From Walt
1/1/2013Happy 2013! ~ Catbtx
12/27/2012Merry Christmas from Walt
12/24/2012Merry Christmas! ~ Catbtx
12/24/2012To be upset over what you don't have is to waste what you do have. notinfallible
12/21/2012Just because =) amywood71605
8/7/2012Hey pal...where ya been? Hope you didn't leave us - Dease
7/1/2012Fellow Texan Karma ~ Catbtx
6/26/2012Beautiful soul! ~Christine~
6/19/2012What comes around goes around :) ~Christine~
6/17/2012Wow you spew stupidity then crave confirmation from other scared and lost fools
5/27/2012Beautiful soul! ~Christine~
5/19/2012Cookie thread ;)- ~Christine~
5/19/2012Hello! Earth420 :)
5/18/2012Blue Skies sends karma
5/16/2012Good suggestion! - Walt
5/15/2012Geek!!! Come Back!! PB
5/9/2012Your weekly karma as arrived-Blue Skies
5/9/2012Please explain your 'dreams of star trek' comment in my 'test of faith' thread. Then read my dream thread. Thankyou - Skroatz
5/5/2012Nice Thread - "Turned off Cookies" ~KirtSpiracy
5/5/2012Nice thread,"turn off cookies" :) ~Christine~
5/3/2012Geek, I'm sorry that you've been frustrated recently. I hope you don't decide to leave us - you're a great friend and a valuable asset to GLP. Much love <3 Doomish
5/1/2012Some k for you, - cat mouth
5/1/2012Hugs Blue Skies
5/1/2012Have a happy day! Earth420
4/30/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/30/2012Thanks! - L'eft
4/30/2012Nice thread man :) SFAV
4/30/2012Love and Light to you....Being Mindful
4/30/2012Never realized how many cookies a computer can have, that's scary! Laura Bow
4/29/2012For always being so nice...you're a sweetheart ;)
4/29/2012Helped with cookies information, thanks GeekOFTheWeek!
4/28/2012Nice post! - Walt
4/28/2012Have a great weekend! Faith
4/28/2012Through courage we repel adversity ~ Have a Great Weekend! =^..^= Girl Genius
4/27/2012Thanks for all your help to keep our happy group together. From Tiger1.
4/27/2012Friend karma!...Flycat :)
4/27/2012Nice posts! TheTruthWorker
4/27/2012The disappearing karma is veeeerrrrry intersting.
4/26/2012Love your posts Geek and thanks for the mesage!
4/26/2012Your wife looks beautiful and she has a shine inside too... Smiles...
4/26/2012To a really cool geek :)
4/26/2012From :)
4/26/2012Good point! - J. Everytard
4/25/2012Good suggestion. your electrical expertese is a major plus
4/25/20124 u
4/25/2012A karma salute from Lady jane Smith
4/25/2012Oh yea baby
4/25/2012Love them pancakes. 3Degree
4/25/2012Thanks for bringing the karma thing to my attention! PB
4/24/2012For a cool cat. From Kinect
4/24/2012Hang-Out Room Green Peace WildFlower
4/24/2012Thanks nam.. added uyou to buds
4/23/2012TY for understanding ~abinormal :)
4/23/2012Hope you had a GREAT weekend! Laura Bow
4/22/2012Pseudo-intellectual jackass. Spouts off about bullshit he cannot logically grasp. Butthurt there is no more green room.
4/22/2012Envy is a bitch isn't it....stick to your cage
4/22/2012Sending you karma....Being Mindful
4/22/2012A day without sunshine is like, well, night. - Lyttlmiss
4/22/2012Thx for the k - Cat Mouth
4/22/2012For one of my favorite people here on GLP amywood71605
4/22/2012Have a little green karma on the down low ;) - HI.Lander
4/22/2012Reported Abusive Post
4/22/2012Earth420 :)
4/22/2012Friends list green <3 Just miffed :)
4/22/2012Brief :)
4/21/2012Hatred is never appeased by hatred in this world; it is appeased by love. This is an eternal Law. - Chrit
4/20/2012Thinking about you and wanted to give you a Karma hug~Enjoy your Weekend~KoFFee
4/20/2012Happy 420! :)~ <Path>
4/20/2012Green room karma midnite rider
4/19/2012Just because ~ Catbtx
4/19/2012Blessings! - Lisa :)
4/19/2012Karma drive-by. Faith
4/19/2012Friends Karma...stay great! cheers...Flycat :)
4/19/2012Thanks from Walt!
4/18/20124 everGreen - EleKtroN - was here :)
4/18/2012Reported Abusive Post
4/18/2012Reported Abusive Post
4/18/2012Green forever ! From Tiger1.
4/18/2012Thanks for being another voice of reason. Madame X
4/18/2012Fun Fact of the Day: More than ten people a year are killed by vending machines. -- Happy Hump Day. <3 Doomish
4/18/2012Friend karma :) Martian
4/18/2012Good green hugs for ya!!! Xoxo, Freckles
4/17/2012Here's some reinforcement karma!~Luna
4/17/2012Thanks! Albino Rhino
4/17/2012Green hugs to ya... : ) Spiral Cobra
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