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GeekOfTheWeek's Karma

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2/15/2012Green for ya! - STT
2/15/2012Hugs Blue Skies
2/15/2012Grren room karma for you....indiandave
2/15/2012Some green from Cpl. Tunnel
2/15/2012Reported Copyright Violation
2/15/2012Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic. Happy GR - Lyttlmiss
2/14/2012Green hug - RoXY
2/14/2012Green love! =) Psycocandy
2/13/2012Karma love from aucuparia
2/13/2012Courage is when the realization that you may not succeed strengthens your resolve =^..^= Girl Genius ~ Hug back :)
2/13/2012GeekOfTheWeek every week it seems - Stocking Eats Cake
2/13/20121 Robcan
2/13/2012Brief :)
2/13/2012They say he who laughs last shall laugh hardest but if you laugh first you still laughing regardless - Psych
2/12/2012Desert Fox
2/12/2012Been a while since I dropped by to say hello! So Hello!! ~ Cat
2/12/2012LOL....trying to find the hos...grrttsgar
2/12/2012Good Buddy Karma,MONSTER
2/11/2012Hey now-LonghairKing
2/11/2012Greenroom karma (achoo) and my cold germs - from samanthasunflowe
2/11/2012Reported Copyright Violation
2/11/2012Monday, Tuesday, Wenesday, Thursday, Friday...SATURDAY LOVE!!! V-Honey
2/11/2012Thanks. Have a nice weekend. Faith
2/10/2012So this is what Green Karma looks like ->GR ~KirtSpiracy~
2/10/2012Karma tag! - J. Everytard
2/10/2012Happy Green Friday! Laura Bow
2/10/2012Karma time! Missouri Foxtrotter
2/9/2012Been ill, but I'm back now! Buddy list Karma time! <3, 5moreminutesmom
2/9/20121....being mindful
2/9/2012Back atcha from the green Room from :)
2/9/2012Back at ya-flavapor
2/8/2012Nice photo & thread! Good Karma For You!! From: Kinect
2/8/2012Reported Copyright Violation
2/8/2012Happy hump day, my friend!- Sleeping Giant
2/8/2012Hello from bubblehead
2/8/2012Good find - PoT
2/8/2012Nice picture, good find OP
2/8/2012I liked the UFO picture:) MamaHasAwakened!
2/8/2012Happy hump day from SFAV
2/8/2012Awesome thread!
2/8/2012Relies on the greenroom for posi karma, thinks everyday occurances are UFOs
2/8/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/8/2012Green Love! Jilly23810
2/8/2012Thank you "The Green Room" by Elena.C
2/7/20124 a buddy....Tango
2/7/2012Hugs-Blue Skies
2/7/2012You were born and original, Dont die a copy.. Happy GR- Lyttlmiss
2/7/2012Karma hugs back at ya...; ) Spiral Cobra
2/7/2012From john goz
2/7/2012Thought for the day: It's always darkest before the dawn. So if you're going to steal your neighbor's newspaper, that's the time to do it. Happy Monday, GOTW! <3 Doomish
2/7/2012GrnRm K - Ghost Rider
2/6/2012Karma Luv 4 U! :)- Hugs, from your karma buddy,Christine (green room)
2/6/2012Returning the karma from aucuparia
2/5/2012Reported Copyright Violation
2/5/2012Reported Abusive Post
2/5/2012Slime time baby!!!!----> luvs from GOGO
2/5/2012Reciprocal Green - HI.Lander
2/5/2012Thanks for the green brutha..."LooK`n Thru you"
2/5/2012Greeeeen Karmaaaa! -Face
2/5/2012Payback from Walt, thanks!
2/5/2012If you judge people, you have no time to love them...Flycat
2/5/2012Green Room Karma from DoorBert
2/5/2012Green for you, Joker
2/5/2012Thanks GOTW <3 miffed_33
2/4/2012Gr lovins WildFlower
2/4/2012Green Room Karma, back at ya- Half Past Midnight
2/4/2012Desert Fox
2/4/2012From Tiger1.
2/4/2012Happy green...God bless you - Dease
2/4/2012Thug Cat
2/4/2012Green Room! Marax
2/4/2012For being a fellow green spreader.. Sir Griffo
2/4/2012Green goodies from the green room! ~roentgen
2/4/2012Karma for you..green room party... > PEACE! EvilMoney
2/4/2012I'm new! Karma love!
2/3/2012Green Karma love from Sybaelle. :) Sybaelle
2/3/2012Good Karma! - truthwillsetyoufreeag​ain
2/3/2012Thanks for all your support. -Mut
2/3/2012Green for you ..:)wildhoney
2/3/2012A WARM Karma Hug for you~Keep thinking Sunny Thoughts~KoFFee
2/3/2012Reported Copyright Violation
2/3/2012Back at ya =) amywood71605
2/3/2012Returning Karma :) ClappaGuy
2/2/2012Grk~ e1
2/2/2012Karma! - Stocking Eats Cake
2/2/2012Thanks For Sharing Nutramac
2/2/2012Dreaming ties us all together =^..^= Girl Genius
2/2/2012Thanks for the green room hugs! - ash ye ash ye
2/1/2012Thanks<3 ~Aphrodite Harmonia
2/1/2012Returning the green-flavapor
2/1/2012There's a place in here, where the sweeties come around. It's a hole in the wall, and fun free for all! Your friend V-Honey
2/1/2012A 4.3 at 0 depth without a surface blast is almost impossable?
2/1/2012Brief :)
1/31/2012Friendship is like a bank account. You can't continue to draw from it without making deposits - Psych
1/30/2012Green room karma hugs from samanthasunflower
1/30/2012Good karma for a green room buddy - Missouri Foxtrotter
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