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GeekOfTheWeek's Karma

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11/12/2011Good karma,back at ya hon! Christine :)
11/12/2011Congrats on the grandchild Geek! woo hoo ` yamaniac
11/12/2011New baby girl to the family! YAY! big congrats :) NIN
11/11/2011Congrats on new grandchild
11/11/2011For the new grandbaby !
11/11/2011For your new grandbaby I am very happy for you and hope mother and daughter are doing great
11/11/2011Congratulations to you and yours!!! Peloria xx
11/11/2011Reported Abusive Post
11/11/2011For the good news :)
11/11/2011For your grandaughter :) <3 Jilly23810
11/11/2011Karma for Alani -Moo!
11/11/2011Happy Veterans' Day!!
11/11/2011Good info - proskiracer
11/11/2011Back at ya friend....Being Mindful
11/11/2011Good buddy , MONSTER
11/11/2011Liked your comment on my post.
11/9/2011Back atcha friend...:)
11/9/2011Geek, dear friend, green from RoXY
11/9/2011Karma hug! <3, 5moreminutesmom
11/9/2011Love Blue Skies
11/8/2011Friend <3
11/7/2011Returning the Karma =) amywood71605
11/4/2011Friend Karma :-) Doggie2112
11/3/2011And for you dear ...Peloria :)
11/3/2011Karma for a cool person....Being Mindful
11/2/2011Thanks for the audio help ;)
11/2/2011Thank you for the karma Geek--God Bless You--KoFFee
11/2/2011Karma back at ya! Azila
11/2/2011Brief :)
11/1/2011Yea, new week starting, MONSTER
11/1/2011Karma time :)
11/1/2011That time again-Blue Skies
10/31/2011Because I like you. Carol B.
10/31/2011Happy Halloween! <3, 5moreminutesmom
10/29/2011Your weekly green - RoXY
10/26/2011Friends list karma~dogmeat
10/26/2011Because you deserve it brother....B.H.
10/26/2011We need more shame in this world!
10/26/2011Reported Abusive Post
10/26/2011Brief :)
10/26/2011For you, Azila
10/26/2011U get 1 now for the karma thread - southgaia
10/26/2011Buddy list karma back at ya! :) Christine :)
10/25/2011Reported Abusive Post
10/25/2011Reported Abusive Post
10/25/20111 Random Karma Time - inptx :)
10/24/2011Happy to be your friend! GLP Angel ( Kathy)
10/24/2011Love Blue Skies
10/24/2011Reported Abusive Post
10/23/2011Anyone who has PopMech on disk deserves it
10/23/2011Freaky, I have a similar dream for East Coast...CrazyBud
10/23/2011For my good friend -Mut
10/23/2011Reported Abusive Post
10/23/2011For thinking Walmart would ever stop accepting cash over this, -1 for ignorance.
10/23/2011Here's to ya! Cat
10/23/2011Nice thread good reading, lfcni1986
10/22/2011Too funny!
10/22/2011Just for being you! Carol B.
10/22/2011Thankyous..one for you too x - Pel
10/22/2011This is some real shit
10/22/2011Ur weekly dose - yamaniac
10/22/2011Karma Bomb.. Hit me Back
10/20/2011Friends list karma back at you, robcan
10/20/2011Back at cha geek he he LOL....Being Mindful
10/19/2011From BubbleHead
10/19/2011How is your wife doing? MONSTER
10/19/2011Weekly green - RoXY
10/17/2011Much love - NIN
10/16/2011Trying to maintain proper balance, Brief:)
10/16/2011Friends :).... wildhoney
10/16/2011Sunday love - TexasGirl
10/16/2011Friends list :-)~dogmeat2112
10/15/2011Cheers (Heretic)
10/15/2011Have a great Saturday! GLP Angel
10/15/2011Blue Skies says Hi.
10/14/2011Friends list and you are from Texas! <3
10/14/2011Have a great evening! Cat
10/14/2011Yamaniac was here -- go green
10/11/2011Misssweetpea karma
10/11/2011Right back at you Mr Geek, and thankyou muchly - Pel x
10/11/2011And here is yours :) Thank you - A.
10/11/2011Karma 4 a friend - RoXY
10/10/2011Have a good week, bud! ~~~ BubbleHead
10/10/2011How about a karma swap?....Being Mindful
10/10/2011Your weekly good karma :) Christine
10/9/20111 to you today because you are on my buddy list - inptx
10/6/2011Reported Abusive Post
10/5/2011Megalithicme (kelly) was here
10/5/2011For the CME comet thread
10/5/2011Keep up the good work! -Mut
10/5/2011Back at you buddy! TexasGirl
10/5/2011Blie Skies was here
10/5/2011Thank you for the positive karma , glad to send it to you as well! xoxo GLP Angel
10/4/2011Love, meganebula
10/4/2011Lol..great sense of curiosity.~dog2112
10/4/2011You crack me up with your Avatar!
10/4/2011You are a genuine guy - yamaniac
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