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2Curious's Karma

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11/9/2016Greenest kindness -Lionels Love
12/29/2012FOG :) Isis7
11/30/2012Good to see you!!! <3 Mama
11/27/2012Hey 2curious ,,good to hear from you..sorry i missed your post ,i've been having pc problems...anyways...​good to see you around here again...peace... dettro
11/22/2012Happy Thanksgiving green! Earth Cries
11/22/2012Heya curious, love from tauranga xxx
11/22/2012So good to see you!!! Isis7
6/10/2012Good to hear from you old guard
4/27/2012Love from flowerschick!
4/21/2012Love your view of life and death. Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone felt the same ~ TS66
4/18/2012Karma hugs from Old Guard
4/14/2012Love your home reports! stay safe IWTB76
4/11/2012Karma smile from Old Guard
4/11/20121 from quake/suntards imjustsayin barbara
4/6/2012Eq thread
3/13/2012HI 2C! Hope you are doing well! <3 Mama
3/1/2012For being a cool person! :) ~Vesper33~
2/22/2012Glad your okay too. Take care. xoxo Isis7
2/22/2012Por Curiosa :)
2/21/2012Good karma fairy. imjustsayin. barbara
2/12/2012Hi, glad to hear from you Old Guard
2/7/2012Thanks. rev.mikey13
1/31/2012Hi from Old Guard
1/31/2012Love from tauranga
1/22/2012Love from tauranga
1/3/2012Haqy new year from tauranga xo
12/5/2011Love from tauranga xo
12/1/2011Good guy and quake bro IWTB
11/26/2011Love from your nz sister xo
11/18/2011To my curious sister..love from tauranga
11/8/2011Thanks for putting info about the HEal your body book. I can use that myself. Rev.mikey
11/4/2011My friend IWTB
10/24/2011HI 2Curious! Green Karma just for you! MamaHasAwakened!
10/9/2011Much love from tauranga
9/29/2011Great Information. Good writer.
9/24/2011Hello sister, i havent caught up with u for a few days..love from tauranga
9/18/2011Friendly person....dettro99
9/17/2011Your little green bar was too little.. had to help increase it!!! xoxo ew
9/16/2011What a lovely kind person u are...tauranga
9/14/2011Good karna for the info on what to do in a quake. Thank you.
9/11/2011Good posts
9/10/2011Proving to be a usefully chile....
9/9/2011: )
9/8/2011Love what you have to say! I can relate to all that you speak of! Glad to see you like Reiki! Just got my first level attunement! mamahasawakened
9/2/2011Good contributions to important topics. :)
8/12/2011Lovely lady

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