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overmind's Karma

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2/20/2013Pointing a lost soul in the right direction <3 -- Pure of Heart
1/28/2013Land of Nod info -CeeLite:)
1/3/2013I personally work in Medical Field where it is required and have not taken one in 10 yrs., and I have not been sick with Flu. Stay strong and stay away from vaccines, unless medicallly necessary.
4/25/2012TRUTH 1-7 ,8 IM NOT SO SURe the white rose
3/5/2012You're the light of the world and it's a happier place because you exist! May extend his favor to you today and always!
2/19/2012Love is the answer < Peace be with You(~) > tSJ
2/12/2012Karm love! (:-DeeZe
2/7/2012Cute avatar!
2/6/2012Reported Copyright Violation
1/22/2012A wee bit of green love for ya! (:-DeeZe
1/16/2012For calling me an idiot, you dumbass.
1/12/20122012 LoVe!! (:-DeeZe
1/8/2012Overmind, You get it. The Goal is no Government , far into future. . Apollo
1/6/2012Nice clear unprejudiced statement..
1/4/2012Funny, with a great av,
1/4/2012Love the cat & tolite paper
12/27/2011Wing-ed Karma
12/24/2011Jesus Loves You, and I do too! - Lisa:)
12/20/2011Love your avatar
12/19/2011Merry christmassssss
12/17/2011Awesome ~ Rockarchy
12/17/2011Thank you for the Christmas music...CowgirlK
11/25/2011God bless
11/17/2011Thank you for the kind words and support!
10/27/2011Reported Copyright Violation
10/5/2011Reported Abusive Post
10/5/2011Well said....Danly
10/3/2011Reported Copyright Violation
9/7/2011Loved your message on the old system going down and Jesus is coming. I feel the Power you mention
9/7/2011For the hell of it, ~lol~ !
9/2/2011U just received positiv karma from sharty mc bean!
8/31/2011Ms Sweet pea Karma
8/19/2011Positive reiforcement to overmind's ideas
8/13/2011For a stupid :chuckle:
8/13/2011For The Bump
8/13/2011I feel strangely compelled
8/13/2011Have some rep!

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