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Valtor's Karma

Total: 91 (91  User Votes) and 4

12/4/2016Law of one
10/20/2012Great solid short info!
10/1/2012Thank you for the green, Philligan
8/15/2012For being awake and walking the walk. -kindadistorted
4/22/2012Thanks! Albino Rhino
4/9/2012BLESSINGs and LOVE xoxo
3/23/2012Nice person
3/23/2012Thanks;) from phrenology101
3/22/2012You make me smile... just a friend!
3/20/2012Glad to see you back spreading love. You shine. -Seer
3/20/2012Tuesday Blessings!~Awakened In Christ~
3/20/2012Because you are you.. one love 141
3/14/2012Green greets from old mate xen <3
3/13/2012For the "Law of One"--Peace and Love, Peace and Love!!!!
3/5/2012You're the light of the world and it's a happier place because you exist! May extend his favor to you today and always!
2/28/2012Kiwi green from tauranga
2/24/2012Have a wonderful,joy filled weekend! ~Awakened In Christ~
2/21/2012Good thinking
2/21/2012Peace and love, my friend.
2/20/2012Green love from tauranga
2/13/2012Good Karma to you from the GREEN room, Strangela
2/13/2012Green Karm in the Room from KnightsTemplar.TV - Please return the green
2/13/2012Green lovins and peace WildFlower
2/12/20121 for your great comment about the difference between the greeks' government and the greek people. This austerity deal doesn't help the Greeks one bit. - Éireann
2/12/2012Sreading some green-flavapor
2/12/2012From Spazz Green Colossus Room
2/12/2012Lakexeno :)
2/12/2012WELCOME VALTOR ! From Apollo. Green Colossus Room
2/12/2012From tauranga..colossus green and your input on xens threads
1/24/2012For quoting excellent material
1/23/2012Peaceful ! Wing-ed Karma
1/23/2012That is exactly what i think- red kharma
1/19/2012From ClappaGuy
1/17/2012Just useless blablabla...
1/16/2012M :)
1/16/2012Nice post!
1/13/2012Me too
1/13/2012Service to others; you are wise and giving
1/11/2012Law of One! SS
1/9/2012Once money is removed from our society, I'll gladly give you whatever I have that you might need, without asking for anything in return.
1/6/2012"Imagine what would happen if we would all say it to each other!" Love and Light to you as well :)
12/31/2011For being like-minded ~Daikirai
12/27/2011Brief :)
12/27/2011Happy Day Nutramac
12/23/2011Then we were climbing and I woke up... Great signature(~) < Peace be with You(~) >
12/15/2011Love Sway x
12/13/2011Love You
12/12/2011Lovely post on awakening :)
12/12/2011Beautifu lthread and very insightful..thank you..wildhoney
12/12/2011"find your Self standing in unconditional love" = thank-you
12/12/2011I am awake :D but trapped in my parent's house. ~ExpertOfSound
12/12/2011For being "awake."
12/9/2011You are absolutely wasting your time here.
12/8/2011For standing up for evil lies on the secret thread, you are lost...
12/7/2011He love oneness. Hugs from Eye of siirus
12/6/2011I see u, n i smile - i.v.
12/6/2011Nice comment
12/4/2011I love you!
12/2/2011Love & Light :) - L
11/25/2011Answer on post
11/25/2011Blessings to you
11/24/2011Forgiveness = Wing-ed
11/24/2011Good karma 4 you+++Eimaj
11/24/2011Love and light to you - GP
11/24/2011Thanksgiving Karma. Faith
11/24/2011I like where your heads at. money begets greed...
11/22/2011Lovely response
11/21/2011Much Love :)
11/11/2011This is the Law of One. > Peace be with You(~) <
11/11/2011Love and light Valtor! :-)
11/9/2011Nice reply
11/4/2011Love and truth! <3
11/4/2011Authentic truth :)
10/17/2011Love and Light reciprocation!! =)
10/17/2011Good people get good karma
10/12/2011Thank you for the advice!
10/5/2011Prayers for my Sis ...
10/3/2011Love and Light to YOU! :-)
9/24/2011You are beautiful and i love your posts! thank you for your energy :-) ~ DiXie
9/17/2011Love and light to you too buddy :)
9/17/2011Blessings! - Lisa:)
9/17/2011Thanks for the link and your love! :-)
9/14/2011One of the good persons in my lonely planet
9/11/2011For your loving vibes....DZ
9/9/2011Lovely posting
9/6/2011Because I can-Blue Skies
9/2/2011On your statement regarding finding truth!
8/21/2011May the Infinite Creator Light shine into you! L.

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